Thursday, February 10, 2011

What guys look for in girls and what girls look for in guys


1.Sex appeal
– men adore women who have good sex appeal, one of the key factors which initiates attraction. Its straight and simple, needs no elaboration
2.Attitude – no point having sex appeal if not backed by right attitude, its like wearing school uniform over sexy lingerie, spoils everything. Men especially like bold and broadminded females who can take own independent decisions
3.Compatibility – all men like to relax after a hard day’s work with friends over a drink or two. Now its essential to be compatible as friends first before entering the complicated world of relationships
4.“Trophy” factor – now this is important as men like to flaunt their possession; it always gives a high when you know others are envious of you. I won’t be surprised if Facebook soon comes up with a new button which captures expressions of old mates when they first view your sizzling new companion
5.Understandability – men have certain needs which women need to understand although it may not be easy for them. Men like if their wives understand and allow them to visit strip bars, maybe tag along once in a while
6.Values – now this may seem a surprise and a bit contradictory too but guys actually don’t like sluts


– a very key factor as no girl wants to be seen with a dumbo. It’s a guy’s intellectual capital which makes the first pull
2.If not height then charisma – girls like men with personality, someone tall and handsome whom everyone wants to meet and greet, someone who can hold his own anywhere and someone who actually has a pull
3.Wealth – need I say more, deep pockets are a must else all is waste. Now don’t curse me, I know this is not the be all and end all hence not put it first
4.Emotional security – ever wondered why girls need men? It’s a man’s heartfelt love which gives an unmistakable security
5.Career – no point in being seen with a tall handsome and caring toilet cleaner, he may love you with all his heart but ultimately its that hot-shot investment banker who matters the most
6.Sense of humor – girls like men who know how to use their mouth (not literally, ummm…maybe literally too!). All girls want something new, something exciting, something funny – a man with a good sense of humor can have good conquests too
7.Commitment – I put this last because this matters the most. Commitment is to women what sex is to men. Period


  1. I suppose both the sexes, like the similar things, just in different contexts.

  2. I agree with most of the points. But I dunno how many girls would understand the strip bar need :D

  3. I agree with ash above ;)

  4. i won't mind tagging along with him to a strip bar, would be fun!

    you're bang on

    even girls like to "flaunt" their men. so you guys are like a TROPHY TOO!

    HA! How does that feel?

  5. In spite of such longs lists for both the sexes...I think what most people compromise with,in the long run,is

    5. for men
    3. for women.

    I tried to comprehend the logic and came up with a conclusion that that way they can have the rest from others and still have a 'relationship' with their spouses.

    It is a sad state of affair. I wouldn't mind a little sprinkle of Utopian miracle when it the day demands a decision from my side. I'd like to have the whole list. If I am charged with greed, so be it. ;)

  6. Kinda agree with all of them for both :)

  7. I kinda agree ....and i agree to ash....specially when my guy isnt the strip bar kinds :P

  8. what commitment is to women, sex is to men!! not bad mister!! :)

  9. Hey how did u come up with a list of both??? That was true indeed.
    "Men like if their wives understand and allow them to visit strip bars, maybe tag along once in a while" --- Dono if you could find a girl who is ok with this..Its ok Pesto, now and then u can do things which are not understandable by the opposite sex.. If everything is understood by everyone, then no point in gender differentiation.

  10. Now, THAT is apt! How I wish everyone acted upon the list too. :P


  11. Nice primer for me :D
    Your last one is bang on.

  12. Hey, you are becoming wiser as time goes by!

  13. an interesting list indeed. now the trick is for both to fit each others "bill" and that's where the game of wooing begins ;)

  14. Will read for sure when I am free.
    Very nice intelligent post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  15. Commintment WHAT WORLD do you live in ...
    gone are those days matey ...


  16. "Commitment is to women what sex is to men. Period"

    so very true. well thought-out...

  17. What a 'gyaan'??
    But need to agree on most of them:)

  18. Well,you just made my day I am totally different from all other women on earth I see since I don't fit in to your list.And I sure am glad the wives get to tag along to strip bars and hopefully it will chance to all the time soon.And lastly, no you are wrong, my ex did not like harlots not rough women that swear up like sailors, use bad language and don't know common courtesy.