Sunday, April 3, 2011

10 things to learn from Dhoni

1.Inspire self- belief – this win would not have been possible had the leader not inspired; all world champion teams have been led by inspirational captains like Kapil, Imran, Border and Waugh

2.Take bold decisions and back them – leadership is all about taking decisions and backing them. Dropping Ashwin and bringing back Nehra in a high pressure game was indeed bold but it paid off

3.Mask your emotions – I have never seen Dhoni go hyper on field or vent out emotions; even after lifting the Cup his face was calm. This counts a lot in tense moments with billion eyes watching you

4.If you show confidence in your folks, chances are they will deliver – some years back Sehwag was dropped for a final in Australia and instead Praveen Kumar was picked. Praveen responded by picking four wickets

5.Admit mistakes – not many captains would have admitted giving last over to Nehra was a bad call but this guy did

6.Never mix personal and professional life – Dhoni could have had flings with actresses or been a party boy like Jadeja or Yuvraj, but he remains a private person. I really admire his marriage, the way no known had a clue about the wedding or the chosen girl

7.Keep your feet on the ground - I never thought that this gawky wicketkeeper with long hair chosen for Bangladesh tour in 2005 would one day be such a big star. But this new age Kapil Dev has never forgotten his small town roots

8.Body language makes lot of difference – right from the time he promoted himself up the order and came out to bat in finals, his body language meant business. Remember Viv Richards and his famous swagger? Many opposing teams lose on field when they see so much confidence

9.Be aware that team is made-up of different characters of which no two are similar – Dhoni has never tried to reign in Sreesanth or Yuvraj, he knows they are different characters and need some antics to perform

10.Lastly dream big and believe in them, one day they will come true – Dhoni is about a month younger to me and like him I too dreamt of India winning the World Cup one day. I am sure like me, Dhoni too would have stood in front of bathroom mirror while growing up and imagined speaking from Lord’s balcony or lifting Sachin on shoulders for a victory lap. Only difference between me and Dhoni is that my dreams broke with the mirror


  1. Dhoni's the best captain any team could ask for. More than anything, I appreciate how he keeps calm in any situation! Its amazing!

  2. Dhoni is a team leader always backing his player and supporting them even when the team loses. He is an explosive hitter as well. Very nice points you've mentioned here.

  3. Yes he's been an excellent captain...calm and composed whenever the need be. Very well written points to remember.

  4. So true.. He stood by his decisions and thats the way to take it if they wnet wrong he was a MAN enough to accept his mistakes ... thats what Great MEN do Accept when they are wrong...

    Excellent points well said .

  5. 11. The cricketing standards have fallen down the world over: India was cup favorites from the word go. Only SriLanka was other team decent enough to have chances to contend for the WC. Teams like Australia came with no spinner and an unpredictable pace bowler. There was no team Pakistan.

  6. awesome points !every 1 must remem these in life..

  7. And he's shut everyone up after this win
    Lovely post.

  8. Dhoni's married?! There goes my dream! ;o)

    Seriously though, you're right. He's one of the best captains we've had!

  9. Very wonderful and an insightful post... Yes, Dhoni has a good mix of characteristics which had lead him to the place he currently is. Good post and thanks for sharing...


  10. HOW TRUE. :P Dhoni the cool guy.

    When he first came I didnt think he would become captain and he did, then he went on to bring home the WC!

    AND HE cared a damn what people said :D :D hahhaha

  11. He is a great captain & agree with 10th point completely.