Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mood swings

I am not sure if there is a male version of PMS or if any hormonal changes take place with change of season but I have been climbing up and down mood elevator once too often for past some days

*Holiday in Swiss Alps – planning a holiday in Switzerland is a guaranteed mood elevator; no matter if you can travel or not only the planning of what you will do in Zurich or Interlaken is enough to give you a spring. Only thing do not go too much into the cost aspect or try discovering hidden costs in fancy tours, which can be a real spoiler. Just sit back and plan, you will be surprised to find yourself in orbit for sometime

*Good appraisal brought down – now we all crave appreciation at work and I was delighted to find good words about me in my appraisal form. Being my first year in this job I was delighted to be recognized; however superbosses in Head Office had other plans and brought down my rating in name of moderation. Now that royally sucks

*Old college pal tying the knot and reminiscing old days – always good to exchange mails with old chums especially if they have been with you through the most exciting days. I was happy for my friend tying the knot and sending me pics; only wish those carefree days could last a little longer

*Morbid thoughts on marriage – deciding to getting married is like buying an expensive lottery ticket, you see only a handful winning and smiling while majority lose out, only extent of loss and despair vary though all had bought lottery tickets with some dreams and plans. Off late I have really been thinking is marriage so essential?

*Best buddy may not come – I had been planning which cabaret bars to visit and which booze to buy when my close buddy comes calling but now it seems Muscat may not be in his tour diary. There was so much to talk, holidays to plan but that will have to wait for sometime

*Landlord leaving – lastly you come home after a hard moody day at office and last thing you need is a house vacate notice! My landlord has made up his mind to return to India and soon I may be on the road; I had moved in only recently and was on the moon to get such a well furnished comfortable place dirt cheap but I guess someone up there is keeping a watch on my happiness and never allows it to go too high, pulling the rug at most inopportune moments


  1. since you are going through PMS, i suggest shopping :))

  2. Haan go shopping aur courier kar dena idhar

  3. Meritocracy is a big time fake

  4. tu bhi na pesto...morbid thoughts on marriage toh zaroori hai tere liye..chill pill maar...i assure you she will be doing the shots with you at the local pub ..i pray for thee

  5. i know!! i agree with sulagna

    i hope she's as fun as you want her to be and wilder than you thought she'd be! Amen!

  6. ye sab tto chalta rehta hai!!

    Take it all in your stride :)

  7. U have a lot goin on in ur life right now...just hope things get sorted. And abt marriage...i m sure u will pick the right one, just believe in yourself and go with ur instincts.

  8. hmmm well dont worry this is part of life tooo. i ma sure you will soon get another decent place ot live ,

    and ooooh what booze did you plan to buy for the party :) and the place ahmm ahmm

    and marriage is indeed a lottery so onw much be mindful after all as they say you marry only once :)

    All the best with all and heres wishing everything gets sorted sooon


  9. mood swings are good. At least we are busy with self. :-))

  10. PMS. oohh.
    male PMS? LOL. LOL.
    anyways blogs are meant for ranting at times. (:

  11. Youve been tagged :)

    Challenge -

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  13. Totally agree with the take on marriage. Really essential??