Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Europe travel diary (with details)

Day 1
I land up in Brussels Airport around afternoon all tired after long flight and as instructed take the bus below Arrivals which drops me at the hotel door. As I am being driven around I take a long and hard look at Brussels, which appears like a chocolate factory with all centuries old architecture on display. I enter my hotel and find it to be a Paharganj type place with narrow stairs and creepy surroundings. In the evening I step out and venture in wrong direction trying to explore the city and end up wondering where in the world have I come! God I want to return soon

Day 2
I go to the nearby square to catch the city tour bus and am on way to see Brussels. The city is not bad at all but you must carry an umbrella with you and have loads of patience to wait for your bus otherwise the Grand Palace and city square is a delight. By late afternoon I am finished with city touring when I spot the City Parade. Wow what fun it is with those fancily dressed babes, all people bless God for creating white flesh. In the evening I have couple of beers after which I head to a nearby city strip bar but near the entrance I spot a rogue looking creature eying me badly. When we are alone he unzips and exposes himself seeing which I run like hell. No more bars on this trip

Day 3
I wake up completely tired with legs aching from previous day. I have to take a long train journey to Luxembourg but thankfully tickets are not pre-booked so I can schedule my day the way I like. Luxemburg is a tiny country with nothing much to offer and would have been better skipped although it is an ideal camping destination but then I didn’t come here for camping. While returning I make friends with a Pakistani seated on the opposite train seat, only time I speak at length with someone

Day 4
Thankfully legs are not paining much as I have to be in time for train to Paris. Missing a train here is not option for it leaves you stranded with nowhere to go so reluctantly I walk to Brussels Midi station. Train arrives on time in Paris and once I board the city bus Paris makes my head go round and round. I have never seen anything so regal and grand ever in my life nor do I think many cities can match Paris for its grandeur. I am yet to visit NYC but yes I have seen Paris in this life

Day 5
By now I am a lot tired and am wondering why I did not think of a shorter trip before. I have had a bad night so am half asleep when I check out of Brussels for Cologne. Train arrives on time in Cologne but city has nothing new to offer, I am also grossly tired and only take a small city tour which proves listless. Germany, unlike France and Italy, is not a major tourist destination so Germans too are colder and less acceptable to browns. Only thing I liked in Cologne was my lovely hotel located near the cathedral which turned to a bustling hip meeting joint after dark

Day 6
I arrive in Amsterdam before noon and the city on first impression appears shady; every 5 minutes I keep checking if my Passport and camera are intact. I check into my hotel which is a bit more than a military barrack after which I head out on the city hop on-hop off bus. The city has nothing much to offer except paintings of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, hiding place of a Jew teen and the Royal Palace. During evening I head out to Red Light district and this is where action is. Girls in bikinis pose invitingly in dimly lit cubicles behind which are small rooms with narrow beds. Negotiation and service is so open that many females and families also walk around casually. I spot a young Indian couple also exploring around; though not sure what they wanted. I ask a chick if she will reduce her rates for reduced action but she blasts me off

Day 7
I leave Amsterdam and arrive in Brugge by late afternoon. It’s a long journey with train switching at Antwerp but must say Brugge is pretty. I again get a good hotel by the train station and after lunch march off to the city. There is nothing much to see if you are looking for something specific but Brugge is pretty as pretty can be. Narrow canals, open chocolate factories, centuries old buildings, traditional European architecture, horse drawn carts still in use – Brugge appears to be straight out of a Hansel and Gratel book. I go around a bit and then settle with some wine and food at the city square; this city is safe so one can stay outside after dark

Day 8
Its my last day and I am glad to be heading back. I check out of hotel early and after buying beer to sustain me on train I reach Brussels Airport to be early for my delayed flight back to Muscat. One journey ends many more yet to come


  1. :) you had fun then good goood ...I would not mention on the bargaining in amsterdam.. :)


  2. woooaaa... Seems you had a great time :) :)

  3. this was ur trip!! Interesting experiences u had. :P

  4. I like the encounter with the chick in Amsterdam's Red Light District,I hear you about she blasting you off, they've got such volatile temper them there women in the windows there,I was just window shopping there and they got mad at me for it.

  5. You know it's been 2 years and 10 days ago that you bought that prostitude who did not seem a 10,but you know what they say in buisness, you get waht you pay for.

  6. I neglected to tell you,that it's been 2 years,4 months and 2 weeks ago that the landlord left a vacate notice on your door,too bad since the rent was dirt cheap and God is watching you and never allows it to go too high.

  7. And 3 weeks later you speak of how women are gifted with a sixth sense about if men are ogling women even if no action is taking place and then the gossiping starts,even though it's just part of how we communicate using our gift I have you know.

  8. Would have loved some more pics...great travel account.

  9. Nice travel story. I miss traveling abroad !