Sunday, September 4, 2011

Europe travelogue

I returned from my much awaited Europe trip yesterday and must say it was all what I thought it to be. Europe cannot be described in words much because not many words can express the beauty of the place or the vibrancy of those open cities but must say all the countries and cities I travelled to had a lot to offer

For starters a visit to Paris in your lifetime is a must. I have been to few international places and am still outside India but Paris beats anything that you have seen by long. At first glance city looks like an antique piece and not the modern city I expected it to be, but once you start going round the places the city will simply take your breath away. I landed in the complex of Louvre museum and could not keep my mouth closed after seeing the mind-bogglingly beautiful complex (and mind you I did not even enter the museum because of the long queue). Later on Eiffel Tower, Sienne river, French military academy and Napoleon’s Tomb followed but bhaiyon behenon Paris is something uniquely different, and I say this after visiting four other countries on the way.

Other places I visited were also interesting but very similar to each other. Almost all places in Europe offer the same menu – World War memorials and architecture, few museums, zoos, strip bars, cathedrals, churches and a happening city square where you can relax after a hard day of sight-seeing with a beer or wine and ogle at all the whites enjoying around or some even making out. Brussels is a good European city but after a couple of days has nothing much to offer; Luxembourg is tiny and small; Germany and Germans are the coldest people possible; Flanders upwards in Belgium is a scenic delight; I was expecting a lot from Amsterdam but it is actually a Bangkok in disguise with only flesh on offer

This trip has blown a big hole in my pocket and manytimes even while going round the city tours I often wondered if this really is worth all that I am doling out. I was all alone for the journey without company so its not that as if I had a big blast with friends or girl friends but I have my reasons for this extravagance. I am still a bachelor and for the first time in life have some pocket change so wanted to make the most of it. As far as being alone, Europe is safe and organized and to be honest I never had a chance to feel alone since almost everyday I was in a new country. Perhaps the only time I could feel pangs of loneliness was during those long train journeys when I could only stare out of the windows as goras don’t mix-up much with browns

Maybe a shorter tour would have been better and a bit economical but then again you live life just once so no regrets. While in India I never even got to see Taj Mahal properly and now I am here having completed a good Eurotrip

Europe is definitely an ideal holiday spot worth every penny spent. For anyone wanting to see Europe on a budget, camping in Brussels is a good idea for the city is cheaper and safer compared to other flashy cities and importantly from there one can take day trips to Paris and Amsterdam which will give a good flair of Europe. Else watch DDLJ again and wish you too had a Raj or Simran for company!


  1. Welcome back. I agree with you on suggestion of staying in Brussels and then traveling to other countries because in cheaper. But then, you have to plan to travel to the minutest details as Paris cannot be seen in one day. About Amsterdam, there is pleasure - flesh and soft drugs. But they also have canal rides and museums. More than 50% of Amsterdam was recovered from water. Netherlands have other cities like Rotterdam and Hague which is worth visiting for half a day tour.

  2. I so so so want to do a euro trip is one of my dream destinations :)

  3. Sigh ! Im planning a trip to New york next year...let me get that straight first. then will think of paris ! But glad you loved it :)

  4. Good to know that u had a gr8 trip!! And i applaud u for taking the trip alone...i wish i cud do that before i got married...but my parents and my hubby(then bf) thought i was crazy when i said i wanted to go to Goa all on my own. :(

  5. Alone is always better...I'm super jealous!!

  6. Quickly gonna tell you I'm so happy for you! Will comment again. Manager staring at me

  7. I've seen quite a bit of Europe. But it was always with my family. I'm sure travelling alone is a different experience altogether!

  8. Good to hear that you enjoyed.
    I heard great about European countries from my friends, now I am gonna add you also to the list.
    Hope I will visit it one day.