Friday, December 18, 2009

My workplace sucks

The place I work is so dull and dreary with no excitement around that sometimes it becomes hard to believe I am actually in the glitzy Gurgaon and not a remote Indian city. This firm may be one of the largest corporations, but it does little to shed its old fashioned, old economy image and still retains its Second World War outlook. Not ready to believe, read on…

*Not allowed to hang around – employees are expected to stick to their workstations and not loiter around. Even tea and coffee breaks are not allowed beyond the time taken to fetch the cup, which is to be strictly consumed at your desk only. I feel so envious when I see employees of call centers hang around and the frequent smoke breaks they enjoy.

*No parties – expecting an office party in my workplace is like expecting snowfall in a desert, it will never happen no matter how hard you try or pray. The only event we have in the entire year is a stupid annual day, scheduled tomorrow, which is like a village fete. Thankfully since last year some members of my team have staged successful after-office escapades to Buzz, a nearby pub

*Very less females – any place becomes vibrant with good sprinkling of fairer sex and their display of fairness and sex. My firm has hardly any females and the few present are also condemn maal, perhaps refugees from Zaire. The place is so conservative that a secretary hired last year found her smoking in office to be totally unacceptable and vulgar

*Old and aged workforce – many times it feels as if I am in an old-age home with so many white hairs and aging folks around. Infact at times office chats veer to children, their school, homework and pain of in-laws. Phew

*No freebies – I strongly despise employees who work in firms giving perks to motivate their personnel, for in my place nothing except tea and coffee is free. Infact the cafeteria can be accessed only during lunch hours

However the good aspect is that in this dark recession I still have a good boss though that does not decrease my cribbing. I only hope to get away soon to a real corporate environ


  1. its a workplace pesto. :)
    hear this now,
    in our college, the gates close at quarter to nine. you arent allowed inside after that.

    you have to make entries with the hostel warden everytime you go out specifying venue and reason.

    now that is bad too right. :P

    basically all i am saying is, you have to get used to it. :)
    and you have a good boss. :) come on!! people fight for that!!! :D

  2. Give all that u can to an employee(which is possible in dreams only), still the workplace would suck!!
    It's the characteristic of a workplace, nahi!!

  3. "a secretary hired last year found her smoking in office to be totally unacceptable and vulgar"


  4. Ouch no Christmas party? Actually considering my office party that might be a good thing at least you don't have the embarrassing next morning.

    Kate xx

  5. It's like a nazi run corporate office!

  6. Whoa! That sucks alright. Such work places exist nowadays? :|

  7. You just described my workplace. Darn @ sad memories. I've to be at work in 24 hours :(

  8. think of those who are actually in villages and are without access to internet or blogging.

  9. damn that is so true about my organization too..very boring crowd.Its jsut my team that hangs out once in a while..i thank god for that..

  10. My workplace shares some traits with yours - very less females - but I don't mind that ;)
    mostly old foggies - very much mind that..
    no freebies - including no bonus which royally sucks..

    other than that, we do get to socialize and have parties.. but like you said lets be thankful we have jobs..

  11. All of this sucks. You need to start applying for jobs. Do it now! The time is ripe, the recession is over :)