Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So Near Yet So Far

I often wonder what makes successful people what they are and why success eludes so many more who are no less deserving. All contenders start equal but some edge out others every time, leaving them resigned to their fate. How many times has it happened that final destination seems only a stone’s throw away and then recedes beyond reach? How frequently does it happen that so much has been achieved yet the final hurdle remains uncrossed?

In my life there are many jinxes who have done their bit time and again; and the much sought elixir has proved beyond reach but not before showing a lot of promise. During school days I used to do well in most quiz competitions and always lead in initial rounds but would invariably come second in the end. In later life too I continued to be an under-achiever and at times I feel my life is like India-Pak cricket match, where India would always play better but Pakistan perpetually snatched victory in the end

Last evening I had one of my recent acquaintances drop in and we chanted and prayed for a good time, post which I initiated a debate on why we tend to lose all after gaining so much. Why there are so many jinxes who plague our existence and rear their ugly head ever so often, depriving of well deserved success? Perhaps it is the law of cause and effect which acts in its own mystical manner and whose presence we all concur sub-consciously though may not accept explicitly. I honestly believe there are no coincidences in life, after all whatever goes around comes around.

Seeing the Holy Grail slip by so often makes me scared of success at times, for it appears to be a hazy illusion only to fade away later. I agree that there are and there will always be hurdles in every endeavor but sadly some remain insurmountable for a select few. You know it pains to lose, but it’s more agonizing to lose after coming so close

At times I am afraid that will story of my life always remain: so near yet so far


  1. This is the reason why I feel jinxed at times too! :| So near yet so far... blerggh! I guess the only way out is to accept it the way it is and let go...

  2. And I am waiting to read you are the winner And it will happen. Be sure.

  3. Am I writing this post? Is somehow you can read minds? Well it is to let you know brother that you are not alone. Not alone to have such fate.And there are many more, many who don't even blog. I somehow had stopped thinking about it, as if failure has become a part of life. Lets see what I have next in my platter....but never afford to lose or smile or sense or is what keeps the people like us alive

  4. If you ask me; I would say it is human thing to spot on easily the missing part of the jigsaw. It does not come so easily when we are asked to count on our blessings.

  5. I have often wondered that too, or I should say that I used to wonder that - what does it take for people to make it to "success".. I think it's a combination of things; some obvious, some may be not.. there's hardwork, there's determination, their willingness to keep trying, having supreme confidence in their abilities, not looking back, learning from their mistakes and being at the right time and right place - cuz I do believe luck has a huge part in it..

    I have become quite complacent in my attitude now - I don't have the fire that I once did.. it's not a nice thing to have so early on in my career but I am OK where I am right now..

    Great things will happen to you - you do have the drive, and you also try very don't lose faith in your abilities and soon you'll reach the very top..

  6. it wouldn't be all that interesting if it was that easily achievable.
    A lil(maybe a lot) pain and a hell lot of satisfaction when u get to it finally.

  7. so near and so far..but far from what..what is the definition of success..what we get is always good fro us, and what we want or demand may not be that good..its only the almighty who knows better than us.

  8. had you been reading my mind off late??

    good one dude

  9. hey, am sure you will come out WINNER, when you much needed it and you will definetely send that silent THANK YOU for this achievement...
    This is LIFE!!!

    BTW, Thanks for suggesting the name for Coffee shop :)

  10. You know, whenever you do eventually end up winning, you won't begrudge all those who were a step ahead of you, before you. If they're less deserving, you will personally see them stagnate before your own eyes.

    And when your victory does come around, all the wait and suffering will soo be worth it!
    I know the wait is painful. But does one have a choice?