Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whom do you sleep with?

Over the weekend I had my Uncle visiting from Canada, which meant I had to vacate my room for him and sleep two nights in a different room and also in a different bed. Now I did not realize how intimate and personal your bed can be and how much it can be a part of your life, loneliness and fantasies until I wandered somewhere else. After all your bed is your personal space where you relax, sleep, dream, procrastinate and shag

On both the mornings after waking up, I found myself looking at the adjacent vacant bed as if expecting to find someone there. I know it is a heady feeling to sleep with someone, make love in the night, say sweet nothings in morning, the rubbing of the skin, twinkle in the eyes, sharing of dreams, later on looking for lost panties, expressions acknowledging the night and promising a better one next time around. Also its adds to the effect if you talk out what you like doing, preferred way of undressing, eyes looking big and staring in your face when kissing from top and also the efforts from both sides to increase, intensify and prolong the ecstasy

It is not the first time that I have longed for another body and soul to sleep with. While touring and staying in those posh hotels, often I have felt absence of a companion. Many times I have slept nude relishing the soft touch of satin sheets and rubbing of my nude body all over. I enjoy being nude at times, after all it is the most original form without any put-on pretence; I have been nude mostly when I am away and alone, all by myself and in my own world. During hostel days too, I used to be nude along with others for the group shags we had and if they did not work out, then impending make-out sessions

Exploring your body is not very different form exploring your mind. The way our mind seeks another mind that can understand it better and give it comfort, our body too wants another one to care, share and love. The touch, feel and the accompanying tingling sensations are unmatched fodder for the physical being and makes one complete the way nothing else can. Almighty may grant all your wishes but it is only a female who can fulfill those ultimate desires

Perhaps our body and night also determine our mind and day. The day usually follows the rigmarole of coming to work and carrying on with stuff as usual, except evenings which can be exciting at times; but it is how our body spends the night that makes the day more pleasing and of course, the night looked forward to

I know I am sounding a bit too that today, but why not after all its my 100th post


  1. First of all, congrats on your 100th post. This post made me tingly in a few places =) You wrote it really well. Although, I've never experienced it yet but I've had fantasies of those sorts. About the sleeping on a different bed thingie: I've always felt uncomfortable sleeping on a bed that's not mine. I don't know, maybe it's the not-so-warm-and-mine feeling that threw me away.

    Umm, still can't comment. Still tingly xD
    Keep writing :)

  2. Hhhhmmm.. A good night's sleep assures the start of a a good day.

  3. 100 post definitely not sleepy. Active And active enough for others to dream.
    Congratulations And keep writing.
    Each of us love dreams.

  4. congrats on the 100th post.

    and yes, sleeping with someone beats sleeping alone. anyday.

  5. Congrats 4 ur 100th post pesto!!!

    N noe wat Jammu has come a long way...there are CCDs, Barista, Rivera coffee house n so many others to provide you that decent place to drink d next time u visit jammu...make it a point to stroll around n discover it all...
    Have a good time buddy!!

  6. sleeping in the nude would mean that You are comfortable with yourself. and at least when no-one's watching, a stripped mask does not bother you.

    That's a big thing I think. I hardly have the guts to face the true, real and petty me. Even when no-one's watching.

  7. "looking for lost panties" LOL
    BANG-on for the 100th post :)

  8. by the way...i would like "calling " you by your name or you ok with Pesto Sauce :)

  9. I bet you are looking for some1 you can WAKE UP with and not just sleep ... Right??

  10. can never sleep alone naked, what if there's an earthquake at night? i don't want my naked body to be found under the debris, that too on India TV

    you write the so-called 'naughty' stuff in a very 'correct' way, i like that :)

    100 posts! wow, inspiring. but you know i cannot do it

  11. Congratulations for making it to the 100th post! Yes, sleeping on a different bed is not a very pleasant experience..every time I have, I have woken up thinking..where am i?

  12. congrats on 100 posts pesto :) this post had pesto written all over it

  13. I think this is your best post that you have written.. OK, best since I started reading your blog.. loved, loved, loved this post..

    congrats on your 100th..

  14. *Dipti
    @India TV... LOL!!

    Pesto, you should write for Penthouse :D Erotic stuff you've got here!
    And more than for myself, I wish for a partner for you...
    (Okay, as much as for myself :P )