Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dilli Ki Sardi

Winters are here and making their presence felt quite chillingly. Till December it was not so cold but the onset of New Year has brought down temperatures in Delhi drastically. I am not a big fan of winters but am not very averse to them either, perhaps having been raised in Kashmir I am fairly accustomed to the chills. However winters are different from other parts of the year in more ways than one

Woolens: being a stuffed toy is nobody’s dream existence and woolens actually make you feel like one. The multiple layers that increase with the decrease in temperature often give you a feeling of being wrapped with soft balls around. Must be tougher for cleavage displayers to keep their assets shrouded

Gloom: if summers are associated with bright sunny days, winters make for dull and dreary appearance. At times it seems as if Polaroid images have been robbed of their color and everything around appears to be in shades of grey

Laziness: I curse mornings when I have to get up early. It takes a good time for me to get off bed even after my eyes have opened and I simply linger around in bed, hoping for the clock to stop. Also these days gym has stopped and only possible activity is razai main ladayee

Fog: winters in Delhi are incomplete with out those misty layers around. It was fun in school, boys and girls touched around unchecked in morning assembly but not when you have to reach office on time. I pity those who travel this month, its certain that their schedules will get disrupted.

Shags: it’s very difficult to shag in this icy climate, no matter how hard you try or what you do. Unlike girls, no props can be used for enhanced intensity and the absence of sun does not help the hormones at all. Also one has to carefully optimize the attained crescendo, not letting it slip away

Watery bowels: if you are exposed to the chill for long and have a weak digestion, chances are you will feel those slurring sounds in your stomach. It is crucial to keep your body warm, more so the middle portion to avoid embarrassments.

Perhaps freezing winters will continue relentlessly in January with out respite, after all tadpaye tarsaye re dilli ki sardi


  1. By far one of the best blogs I have read on Delhi winters!


  2. Great symbols to represent the true face of winters..in the capital city..

    Could very well associate to some of it..

  3. ah... I can relate to this. It is far worse in this part of the world :-)

  4. I personally lover winters, they are so much more exciting than summers!

  5. razai mein ladai :) i like the sound of that!!..pesto i am still searching for the name :(

  6. lolol

    ohh, my winters = chaai. aloo ki tikki. weight gain. laziness. hot water bags. drinking only hot water. not warm - HOT. frozen fingers. touching everyone with them and irritating the hell out of everyone. the entire family in one razai and having coffee. playing cards. pictionary. ALL THINGS INDOORS. miss making love :(. thats the only thing missing.

    and yeah, ditching friends cuz of the cold.

    razai mein ladai - sounds hilarious, im gonna say it to him tonight. chal razai mein ladai karte hai

  7. Fortunately, such a chilly weather doesn't exist down south :)

  8. You lost me at watery bowels!

    Kate xx

  9. I meant I was lost to laughing - not that I stopped reading by the way - just realised how that sounded....

  10. Me like winters. Well save for the rail/flight delays.

  11. Damn...I hate winters so much..N there's no sign of respite here!:(

  12. A different take on winters...than the normal chai, pokora and all....I love winters..I feel very good to snug into layers of winters.


  13. I looove north ki sardi ...u missed writing about garma garm chai..garam jalebis...and garma garam somose ;) during dillli ki sardi yaaar!

  14. I hate winters.

    Frozen Ears. Frozen hands. Dry, chapped lips. Always sleepy. Working like your drugged. Koi excitement nahin. Horrible horrible horrible.

    I even hate taking bloody showers.