Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I am not much into tags, but since this one was given by one of my favorite bloggers I had to oblige. I have tried to list down things that make me happy though it was not easy to evoke the times when grass actually looks green and sky blue

Chatting with friends over booze – this one tops the list; nothing beats those evenings spent boozing with old and new pals. I do not get to booze much, one of the drawbacks of not staying alone, but I do fairly compensate quantity for frequency

Getting appreciation/recognition – we all like adulation and I am no different. Getting recognized at work or outside indeed makes everyone happy

Sex and porn – now who doesn’t like having sex, some get it easily, some get it early and some make a fortune out of doing it. I yearn for those growing up days when inhibitions were less and curiosity high. I also like surfing porn on my laptop, last night I discovered some clips of Mia Zittoli, check her out she is undeniably erotic

Intellectual chats – I have always valued grey cells more than other personality aspects, perhaps one reason I am still single. I love discussing current affairs, political events, economic issues; anything which stimulates and makes me think hard

Outside work interests – last few years I have joined forums like Toastmasters and Art of Living which do keep me positively occupied and engaged. I have made some good friends there with whom I share many common interests and hobbies

Freedom from bondage – ask me what it means to be deprived of adult freedom and being caged all life. I do manage my little escapes now and then, which become sources of much elation for me

Looking down a valley – this may look a bit strange but I like looking down a valley and taking in its scenic beauty. Its calming and peaceful

Blogging – I was reading blogs for some years and had made a feeble attempt writing one myself many years back. But this blog is for sure my best friend, after all who can give so much solace and ask for nothing in return

Music – I always need to have music playing somewhere; either FM radio, car stereo or my laptop. Choices depend on mood though I relish all varieties from bhajans to oldies to new music videos

Reminiscing good old days – catching up with college friends and recalling those crazy days when nothing could go wrong, who doesn’t like it? Or recounting those foolishnesses with guys you have grown up with every time you meet, doesn’t that make you happy? Atleast it makes me pleased and cheerful

I am not tagging anyone here though whosoever wishes to take this up is welcome.


  1. Lovely post! Nice to read on so many things you like... So, u part of ToastMasters and AOL too? I was too!! :) And I still believe in messages of Sri Sri!

  2. My 10
    1. The King
    2. My 5 neices and nephews
    3. The toothless smile of a child
    4. Seeing a sight of unconditional love
    5. A glass of good wine
    6. A well made salmon sushi
    7. Seeing my father laugh
    8. The sound of Music
    9. Flowers, lots of fresh flowers
    10. Freshly manicured hands and pedicured feet

  3. I totally love your 10 things more than mine.. I didn't put as much thought as I should have while writing my post.. if I had to redo mine, I'd include your 3rd, 4th, and 9th.. thanks for doing it bud!

  4. couldn't compress mine to 10.
    like most of our's would be... some of the points above are cliches.
    but then again cliches are, sometimes, comfortable.

  5. lol. booze with frdns definitely tops the list. :)

    you are into art of living? great. :) i did a course a couple of yrs ago too. damn it was great.

    and well porn, uh-oh but i find it vulgar.

    looking down a valley. is something i hate. and do everyday. :(

  6. some get it easily, some get it early and some make a fortune out of doing it

    Love that line. Couldn't have said it better.

  7. I don't like to think about current affairs it hurts my febal mind...and stops people from looking at my clevage..which is totally a buz kill if they arn't staring at my boobage!

  8. Thanks for droppin by my blog..:) Well i love most of things u do there..blogging,music,chatting over with friends sans beer..;)

  9. haha...nice one..

    I am so gonna list the things dat make me happy...n start doin dem more often :)

  10. Awarded.
    (Not that you acknowledge any, but I had to give it to you... You're the first that came to mind!)