Friday, January 8, 2010

I wanna break free

These days there is a new ad on air of an insurance firm which depicts a young boy being seen off by his parents while departing on a train journey. The parents are very protective of their son and give him all advices and comfort inside the rail compartment and caution him excessively to take care. Seated across on the other berth is a young pretty girl with a book in hand, who is blushing at the parents of a grown-up boy being so protective for him and the boy is visibly embarrassed to be treated like a kid in front of a hot chick. The ad begins with parents pamepring their kid inside the rail compartment and ends with them throwing bananas on the boy’s lap from the platform outside; all through the ad the boy is speechless and embarrassed while the girl, about same age as the boy, is enjoying the show of a pampered kid.

I never see this ad fully and either look away or flip the channel. That scene is too close to my own life, having been treated like a kid inspite of maturing in age and never allowed to see the world from my own eyes. Like the boy in the ad, I too have been embarrassed many times in front of peers and like the boy denied freedom which I see many teenagers commonly enjoy these days.

All my life I have been restricted and markedly sheltered; if you don’t believe me, then judge yourself: never been to school or college in public transport; not allowed to drive till I revolted a couple of years back; never rode a bicycle; still have driver dropping me off to office; not allowed to go out alone even now; during hostel life had a valet along; no friends coming over during teenage; never played a sport for I may get hurt!

I guess it is not very difficult to imagine why I have become a sort of recluse now and till a year back, remained confined, listless and sometimes lifeless. Perhaps it is for these reasons I have been long harboring ambitions to get away to a place far away; different people, different city and maybe a different country. In a way I am fortunate for it is now unambiguously clear that I will have to build my castle on a distant shore rather than continue to pity myself at my dilapidated condition amidst restricted environs here. I know my time will come when I will be far and away but the million dollar question remains: when?

Bachpan to gaya, jawani bhi gayi
Ek pal to humein, ab jeene do jeene do


  1. Freedom.... That's what everyone wants... be it for good or bad!!

  2. i have seen that add

    i had been to school/college in public transport, my parents would say" u should be independent", but they would never ever let me hang out with friends.
    I am agood girl in every manner, I do household work, I cook help my mom with bank's work, shop for her,but still I get pachas gaali from them everyday.
    But no complains!

  3. the grass is always greener on the other side...for someone like me who was aksed to become rough n tough,i missed travelling wid dad or sitting wid mum over tea:)

  4. "still have driver dropping me off to office; during hostel life had a valet along"-dude you are seriously rich!

  5. I love that song in the end. I just love it.

  6. You read my post ways you should know..But yes leading a hostel life was and still is an experience that i think no one will want to forget..i live in that duality..when at home, badly and 'rottenly'(word, no word) pampered, but yeah hostel life gives me another breath of fresh lease.

  7. Dude...NOW I know ur reasons to be anonymous LOLz....chauffeur driven car n all haaan?

  8. dude tu kaunse shahar mein rahta hai...i think we need to plan your growing up :P yeh naeee cholbe...

  9. I've been reading your blog for some time and boy oh are amazing with words!
    If you really want to go out there, build your own castle and grow up..whats stopping you? All you have to do is pack your bags and leave...

  10. Freedom I guess is a some people like me who got this privilege quite early on in their not realize its importance

    All I can say is that "clinging to your past" does not always help..Guess you have already took a step towards moving out of your shell..

    Here is hoping and and praying for a better and brighter future for you!!

    Great Post!!

    P.S. I hope you are planning to reveal yourself eagerly waiting to learn the identity of " Magician of Words"

  11. I feel you are coming out of that recluse state and isn't that good for u..n well abt ur past, I'd say let bygones be bygones..!!
    hey have a great life ahead!:)

  12. Build your castle in the sky...
    And then see where you land up...

    Always aim higher :)

  13. waiting fr ur next post and more observations :)

  14. Wow...and I thought only girls were subject to this form of protectiveness. One of my friends from school had parents like that. I am till date thankful to my parents for giving me freedom...never once did I abuse it. But I was always allowed to ride my bike around the suburb, went to school by the school bus, went to college for 5 years an hour away from my house (2 hours travel to and fro) and now I'm in a different country by myself. There were people though that asked my parents how they could let their daughter go to college so far from home and well, then to Australia by herself. But my parents always said they trusted me and it would all be a learning experience. Which it has been.

    Here's hoping your future holds the freedom you yearn. Being independent can teach you so much and can help you gain a lot of confidence as well. I wish you all the best :)

  15. I have had all the freedom in the world - sometimes I think too much.. never abused it at all but I don't think I'd give as much freedom to my kids - it's a bad world out there.. but you are old enough to be on your own and do the things you desire to do.. I'd say even if you don't get to move, you should still fight it, be brave and just live life on your own terms.. don't wait for the day you are in another city/country, do it starting today.. take baby steps.. it's easier said than done but it's not impossible..right?