Saturday, May 1, 2010

My visit to beer bar

Last evening after dinner I was feeling like having a drink and ventured out searching for a bar. I did find one; however this seemed shady with dim lights and no board outside. However as I was eager for booze I ordered for a beer and salad; in this country you cannot order drinks alone. I had only settled down when I noticed some skimpily clad girls come in front and soon there was a music system visible. Then started some bollywood music on which the chicks gyrated themselves and danced raunchily

To start with three chicks were seated on a table and fourth one standing was lip-syncing the songs from behind. The chicks were Indian and must be in their early youth, but all of them were hotly dressed in different attires complete with lovely cleavage display. They were making eye contact with the audience and making naughty gestures which were returned by many admirers enjoying their drinks who were busy ogling at the skin show on display. I too was having a good time and one chick, dressed in pink, started making inviting gestures at me. I smiled back though sadly it did not progress any further

A noticeable thing was the chicks were not dancing full throttle but only making suggestive body moves but never losing eye- contact, all the time enticing the male pigs to come on. I could feel the beer actually give a good high once I concentrated on the slim waists and their slow, inviting movements. Their is something about the female body which does have a good effect down somewhere if the owner knows how to make optimum use of its assets, I could feel that yesterday

However one drawback was the beer and salad were not good, I felt like puking when I came back and had a bad night, which also involved emergency use of vomit stopping tablets. Next time will have to be careful on what I order

Meanwhile I shifted to my new place yesterday morning and spent the day setting my stuff. Good thing is its walking distance to my workplace and good facilities are available around (including this beer bar); it’s the first time in my life that I am staying at a place rented from my own money, a point highlighted by my Mom in last evening’s call

Things are surely fun here, don’t believe then should have seen those hip movements


  1. hmmmm, solid aish kaat rahe ho......

  2. lol lol...

    hey congrats on getting a place of your own :)

  3. looks like you are having! knock yourself out!!

  4. Yes, the female body can be quite inviting, can't it ?

    Glad you had fun !

  5. tum kya naukri kar rahe ho sab samjh gaye... aish ho rahi hai...madhu rightly said :) :)

  6. very nice, someone's having a good time he he, hope you find great company soon too

  7. So, was a shady bar your first time, as well?


  8. You being in a middle eastern nation, I would have thought cleavage displays would be a no-no.. shows how little I know about the rest of the world.

  9. Okay, your life is REALLY looking up :-) I'm glad you're having such adventures... Keep us updated!

    And hopefully you'll land a nice chick soon too :-P
    And get used to the cuisine already, sir! We're hoping it'll be a long innings abroad...

  10. Life is a one big party! :o)

  11. vomit stopping tablets? :) come on dude, be a man and don't puke your beer...and if you feel like puking, then just puke, but tablets? :|