Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Blogging helps?

Blogging is therapeutic – nothing heals or helps as venting out does. This is one place where you can vent out to your heart’s content and find e-shoulders to cry upon. Life is full of twists and turns, and if that’s not enough we also carry some past baggage, but they all seem play maze here. No matter whats bothering you, someone is always listening (or reading) you. A perfect place to share and care

So many colors, shades of people – let it be a housewife dealing with kids, a teenager masturbating with fantasies, a hottie writing about her sex life or broken hearts crying over spilt milk; at times so many types of bloggers are there and amazingly you seem to connect somewhere with each of them. It always seems as if an unexplored, unseen & exciting world is awaiting you

Always best friend - Nobody supports you or understands you better than this URL. It will always listen to you and stands by you ignoring your time and again brainless idiosyncrasies. Best pals may ditch but not this old fellow

Deepest and darkest persona comes out – I have shared so many of my lonely desires here but felt no shame whatsoever. I look forward to good things in life and my sex hungry body lusts for those natural juices – where else could I admit this unabashedly? Long time readers will also recall my other escapades told here. I know being anonymous helps, but let this not deter named bloggers. Blogpals will never ditch, back bite or sneak, I can swear on that

Old friend in new place - now I can vouch for it like no one else. After relocating to Muscat I did not have to look around for friends. A simple log-on was enough to bring my best buddies around and let them know more about my new place. Also you can make new friends easily; now would you ever walk upto someone in a mall and talk with him/her? But you always can comment on new blogs


  1. pesto, that reply on my post makes me say i really love really made my day :) n i need your prayers

  2. I agree with you on all points!! Specially the last bit about making new friends and commenting! Imagine walking upto someone in India and trying to start a conversation! Oh sorry, I cant even imagine that! :-p

  3. I so agree. :) We all love our blogs, don't we ?

  4. it sure does..and in all the ways u say n more...

  5. so true... my blog's my best friend too..and why? because of the blog friends..

    that's why i failed to go private whenever i tried. i could never blog privately..with no one to read. i am a blogger because of the readers.

    i love your blog because you are so honest about everything you talk about

    thanks for being an e-shoulder for me whenever i needed one :)

  6. Haha these are so true! What a great post.

    Yeah, I couldn't live without my blog. Even now when I don't even have a functioning laptop. I go to great lengths to maintain it any way I can...sigh.

  7. Agreed.

    Nothing better than the anon blog. Just what the doc ordered.

    Your post's like pesto sauce for the soul :)

  8. So true! I'm pretty new to this but I'm already loving all the new people I get to know through it! Also if you blog about your personal life a lot, it's always fun to go back and read your old posts and see how far you've come.

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog:)

  9. mm!Being so recluse Pesto..doesn't always help, at least at some point in your life you'll need a real breathing persons shoulder to cry on.. a URL wont do then.
    Blogging does help coz everyone sings your tune der.. :P You being right or wrong is the other point.

  10. yes yes blogs are good!! love my blog.

  11. This is all so true. I heart blogging! =) Glad to have run into your space in the blogosphere.

  12. Completely agree with every single reason you gave there, might have a few of my own about why I love blogging..

  13. "But you always can comment on new blogs "
    Right on. We sure are lucky to be living in the internet age.
    Nice blog, this! :)

  14. People are nicer in blogsphere too...not too many haters.