Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moving around

My weekends here have been interesting and often with a lot to do, unlike Gurgaon where I was mostly listless and indolent. The first weekend I spent having a look around the city and visiting some known and yet-to-be known acquaintances. The second weekend went in shifting to my new place while the recent one again found me meeting and moving around

My interactions with folks around here have been interesting, to say the least. Since this place is mostly dominated by Indian expats, I have been floating amongst the Indian diaspora only but then they too come in different hues. Indians here can easily be categorized into three categories: first there are Indians coming from small towns of Kerala, UP and other states (many Muslims here); then there are Indians like me, who have been bred in Delhi, Mumbai and other metros; and lastly there are Indians who have immigrated to Muscat from other international locations. Now you well can imagine the difference between all three in terms of taste, lifestyle and general outlook; however the sad aspect is the first variety glaringly dominates, second variety is tough to find around while one will be fortuitous to come across the last one which are the rarest but also the most sophisticated to be with.

The first weekend I was invited to a mallu family household who lived in a large villa though they had maintained it like a Kerala boathouse. Next I visited another friend of family friend who egged me to live with him in his dungeon hole since it was coming at a reasonable rent, wanting me to ignore that this locality was largely inhabited by Bangladeshi labor. Last week I visited a new acquaintance who lived in a classy apartment, I later learnt that he hailed from a good Mumbai family.

Apart from all these meetings I have been moving around and discovering more about this exotic place. Yesterday I saw Houseful at a nearby cinema, here bollywood films are shown with Arabic and English sub-titles. I also visited a Toastmasters club nearby which I will join soon and also attended a Buddhist chanting session, which I relished most since got to see and meet many like-minded people.

Oh I also visited the dance bar again (see last post). This time I avoided beer and ordered the cheaper Pepsi instead though I again enjoyed the seductive movements of slim waists. It is amusing how same chicks in different skimpy attires never miss in making you feel good, same way one drink can give the same high in different glasses. Few girls joined the show late while some left early this time, I guess they also service customers in closed rooms.

In days to come I intend to move around and learn more about this place and yes, also post about them here


  1. Well You having a gala time I guess.I believe that only India can make me happy and no other place in the world.:)

  2. hmmm, guess u r liking the city!!

  3. U r loving the city...aren't you?
    N I'm loving this blogging experience reading about your adventures!

  4. "however the sad aspect is the first variety glaringly dominates"
    this needs enunciation!

  5. I guess you should not waste your time in this and instead go get hookah in front of the beautiful Belly Dancers. :)


  6. Simply fantastic sir! You are really living it up! My guess is you'll be getting serviced in a closed room yourself before the year ends :-P

  7. sounds like you are having a great time.. it's been really nice reading your posts from Muscat...keep 'em coming :)

  8. Hello... thank you for visiting my blog. Is that the first time or had you visited once before anonymously? On a post about the meaning of colours and how they influence our moods.

    The Buddhist chanting session sounds interesting. What did you get out of it? What are you hoping to find?

  9. Hey pesto..

    Oman is it...well been seeing ya then mate...will be there sometime june and ur posts r tellin me its not all bad afterall :)

    And u know the 3 categories are xactly how the situation is in all of the gulf u ll be seein a lot more of it...

    anyways..enjoy the bars n the shawarma.. :)


  10. Good to know that u r enjoying the new experiences. :)