Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hope floats

Location: Some place we all know exists but have never been there

Almighty: tell me Pesto with this new change in your life, are you happy and content?

Pesto: yes My Lord, I am absolutely over the moon. I have got what I desired, albeit a bit late in life but now I am happy. I only hope this happiness lasts and does not go away soon

Almighty: I am happy to hear you are happy. But why are you afraid that happiness will go away soon. Remember nothing is eternal, good days follow bad and bad days follow good; we all have our deeds behind us

Pesto: I know but this long-desired wish has borne fruit now; I only wish it lasts for sometime

Almighty: its upto you how long you want to make it last. By the way what is this I keep hearing that you fret too much because of your folks?

Pesto: yes My Lord I always wanted to get away and get away soon

Almighty: oh get away from whom? Do you know when you die who will cry? Remember, relations are only what we make of them. If you only want to abandon your own people, one day you yourselves will be abandoned by all

Pesto: I will remember that

Almighty: also remember that it is important to let go of the past. You have started a new life in a new place, so wipe off all your ill-feelings that have dogged you in the past. A new life in a new city/country demands that you start life on a clean slate, which is without any black clouds

Pesto: I will try to forget and move on with life

Almighty: I also see that you are at times lonely though deep down you harbor some dark desires. These desires are only human and natural, so why don’t you do something for them?

Pesto: I am a loser when it comes to girls. Yes I do long for Holy Grail, but somehow have never been able to make the right moves. Also I have been guilty of losing golden opportunities and not converted those easy half-chances in the past. At my age when all are bored with sucking and licking, I have to content myself only by gazing at visible bra straps

Almighty: don’t worry son, your time will come. You too will taste nature’s nectar someday, though some time back you did have a paid adventure in some dark alley of Delhi

Pesto: My Lord I have never been in a relationship and never craved for one. Am I abnormal?

Almighty: no only a bit recluse. Let go of all your barriers and open up to the world. Be a bit outgoing and the entire world will come to you. But for that you will have to start immediately on doing something which you hardly do and which at times becomes the first striking aspect of you

Pesto: whats that Lord?

Almighty: smile a bit more!!!!

Pesto wakes up and gets back to work


  1. Smiiiles!!! Nice conversation, made so much sense

  2. I Love conversing with God too.

    I am also such a pussy. I would like to get laid. Fantasize about it but if it came to actualizing it, I'd run in the opposite direction like a freaked out little kid.


  3. How did I miss this post? I am always checking for new updates from you..
    Yes, you and I are in similar situation in one sense - we are both getting what we wanted but are unable to let go of the anxieties.. as for not craving a relationship - don't worry too much about it.. I can guarantee you this much, that when you do have one - with the right girl, you'll realize what you are missing out on.. but until that happens, focus on enjoying life as best as you can.. hugs.

  4. a paid adventure in some dark alley of Delhi :O :O *faints* :P

  5. God ALMIGHTY will get confused if he talks to me.. i must try! this sounds like fun. he might piss me off too...cuz i just don't accept the reality at times. ok he's already started taking to me!


  6. listen to the big guy and smile a bit more. Also you need to find yourself a lady friend over there Mr. Pesto!!!!

  7. pesto...why are you scandalising people with your andheri gulli ka adventures..we have read it in detail on the exclusive post taht was put up then..and m surprised, should God have smacked u once for such mischief..hein???

  8. Smile ! Here's to hoping you get a healthy serving of nectar this year !

  9. which language did god speak in?

    when i talk to god, all that I can hear(in fact ) feel are the idea of the words not the words.

  10. discussed babes with God too :P

  11. Haha! Cute and positive. Smile and seek what you need to know the happiness of life!
    Rock on!

  12. smart and nice conversation that you really had with yourself. to be happy should be our life aim!

    bisous bisous!

  13. Nice one. I like people with faith, in any religion. Keeps one grounded, I always say!

    thanks for the visit! Glad you liked my little town :D

  14. Very nice and wonderful post.

  15. I couldn't stop smiling..reading ur post...I still am giggling

  16. HOW cute :-) Most rewarding conversation, I'm sure...