Saturday, July 17, 2010

Describing life partner

Please describe your desired partner in few words

I was stumped upon seeing this while uploading my matrimonial profile and stumbled many times before I could draft a reply. Infact after so many corrections I finally gave up and only wrote: Its difficult to describe the partner you are looking for as cannot say I want A,B or C; I believe at end of day its two individuals clicking together and contently living with each other. It honestly doesn’t matter what or from where she is coming from, as long as we are compatible and share the same passions and aspirations from life. But if I have to specify, I am looking for someone broad-minded, generous, compassionate, trustworthy, caring and preferably having spiritual bent of mind. A person having interest in current affairs and intellectual stuff will gel well with me

Now I never thought before in my life what my partner should be like nor did I ever have any picture in my mind. Sure I have been attracted to females, and many of them for that matter, but that attraction may not have been to the total person as such. Getting attracted is easy, and men easily fall for hot stuff if subtle hints are dropped but can this attraction endure the test of time? Or for that can any relationship stand on solid strength for long? Maybe not, or maybe not easily, for if they were actually solid then break-ups wouldn’t have been the order of the day

Perhaps a reason relationships fail is because we allow them to fail, expecting or thinking the other person to be what he/she is actually not. And then there are other fulfillments sought which may not be critical but is somewhere important. Lust and passion are vital to keep the fire burning; I will not deny that I yearn to taste nice boobs. However more important than lust and from where lust stems from, is the chemistry between two people. Many times the fire extinguishes because the chemistry fizzles off and what started off as a roller coaster of excitement degenerates to a stale rigmarole of monotonous existence.

However this piece is not about relationships but about what you expect or want your partner to be. Some of the common answers I found were the clichéd honest, caring, truthful, sincere etc. and expectedly nobody wrote hot, passionate, sexy. For me I would really expect my partner to be someone I get along with well and someone I can relate to at some level. A couple I honestly adore is Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, both of them knew each other for long and when towards end of their careers they did come closer, both gave each other space and ensured their companionship succeeds. Both had their fingers burnt in past and knew the troubles of fame; only towards end of their tumultuous yet successful careers they found solace in each other. It was not a teeny booper romance by any stretch and it succeeded because both came from same profession, similar careers and respected each other for what they were

Honestly there have been females I have been with in past who I thought could turn out to be good companions, though each for a different reason. However one thing common to them all was that they were all wonderful human beings, and I guess thats what actually matters at end of the day


  1. I adore Stefi and Agassi, it's a great match..hope you find yours!!

  2. That's a wonderfully written post :)
    Loved the way you presented this simple looking difficult question with such a meaningful reply :)
    Hope you find your partner soon :)


  3. Wish you luck in finding your ideal partner. :)

  4. That was a good description of what you're looking for in your partner. Good Luck! Hope you find her soon!

  5. Is she going to be privy to this blog :P
    nobody wrote hot passionate and sexy?? what did you expect? We are Indians..while we are moving forward (way too fast) I don't think talking about those things openly is acceptable social decorum..not yet at least!!

  6. i like what you wrote for "what you were looking for"

    its important to be respected for who you are.. and to respect the other person too. no relationship in the world can develop and move further if there's no mutual respect...of course. i hope you find a cute, hot, fun loving, sensible, adorable princess with a sense of humour to match yours. i think its important for guys that their girls laugh at their jokes and its important for girls that their guys make them laugh / smile when they are low.

  7. Hey! I just did a lovely tag and would like to pass it on to you. :)


  8. first time here and i agree with everything what u say .. and graf and agassi i both admire cause i love tennis and i was there FAN
    Life partners is what you say ...
    and i loved this article... Hope we all meet the one we want ..

    but yeah true what starts is a roller coaster ride suddenly stops .. has happeend with me and i am sure will happen again too till we meet that ONE.. :)

  9. Totally agree with Dipti on the sense of humor part!! It's very important..also I think it's important to have someone who respects what you do, in terms of your career, believes in you and knows how to push you in the right direction professionally! Seems insignificant at first, but many couples break up because they just can't relate to each others profession and what it consists of!

  10. You have to go on feelings of the heart...nothing will make you feel better...Love is mystical...find that that speaks to your heart...

  11. I like the description you wrote.. I think when you meet the right person you just know.. all these rules, requirements, etc just fall to the way side..