Monday, July 12, 2010

Thinking of dreaded R

Last evening I uploaded my profile on a matrimonial website, I don’t know why I did so and still can’t understand what exactly made me go for it. Perhaps it is the pangs of lonesomeness engulfing me off late, perhaps I now have some sort of a life which can be taken forward, or perhaps I am only testing waters. Whatever be it but sometime back I could have never imagined myself doing this but I guess something’s changing somewhere

Previously I was scared of alliances, I still am to a certain extent, and could never fathom why sane folks tie the dreaded knot. I am aware life is better when shared but life can be hell too when controlled and I can vouch for that. Matrimony is a double edged sword which can bring unlimited bliss if the coupling is right but can also cause heartburning agony if compatibility is missing. It doesn’t fucking matter if what you do is tenable or not, as long as both are in it, it works; I know of couples who swing and swap partners, hire professionals for threesomes, help their partner seduce and get laid, but they are in perfect harmony. I am also aware of perfectly reasonable people with the best of intention whose alliance fails to take off if frequencies do not match

Perhaps a reason folks do go for belling the cat is because some thing somewhere does want it. After all how long can you sleep alone? You need someone to sleep with, hold in your arms, make love at night, rub skin with, and also importantly be friends with. But don’t get me wrong here, its not physical thing alone which matters, I have been physical before but its completely futile if its without emotions. It’s a different feeling altogether when there’s someone on top, tongues rubbing with each other and eyes staring into yours in close proximity. This is someone who cares, who shares, who you can have a good time with and who never bites

In a sense entering a relationship is akin to boozing, both give an initial high and promise a real good time, but once you have too much of it trouble starts. Only the best and matured quality can be sustained for a long time else it can ruin no end. The worst part is no one except you can help if the addiction is bad and you end becoming the butt of jokes around.

All said and done, humans were not born to be alone and everyone does take a chance once, so whats wrong if its with the dreaded R


  1. don't think that it might not work

    you have to make it work

    all the best!!!!

  2. man you rock at writing!! All the best with your quest. I hope you find someone who is everything you want her to be and some more!!

  3. It is a big decision! Good luck to you in your search. :)

  4. Agree with Dipti! Things aren't easy in any relationship..we hate our parents..our siblings at times as well..but we deal with that! Of course it helps if you're married to someone who's worth all that compromise!

  5. All we want is love and life-long companionship - we are made that way and there isnt much we can do about it. And love - love is always a gamble :-)

    Good luck :-)

  6. pesto you got to make it wok..beleive me good things do happen

    PS: i refer i met G there :)

  7. good for you for posting your profile..I am sure we'll be hearing stories about your dating life from now on..:)

  8. All the very best in ur better-half-hunt!!

  9. R-> rangs/
    raging passion/
    someone's name?

    i kinda lost u there..

  10. wow! you're very courageous! I hope you will find what you are looking for!

  11. Wow. What a beautiful expression. Have been thinking about loneliness and marriage in the same way lately. And it really is 'different'. No other word can describe it.


  12. Brilliantly phrased... but you STILL have to start dating, sir. Before leaping into marriage :-P

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  14. Search and search but you would never get one... I guess why!! you cannot turn on an opposite sex in whole 30 years of life and now you are an old torn retard..hahahaha...

    Posting profiles at some matri site would not help yet..may be you would be able to fool some nerd and spoil some life........hahahahaha..

    you get what you deserve.....must be sexually starved by the time!!!!

    Accusing me of promoting sexual inequality look at your sorry state of affair!!