Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes I did it

This post contains adult content. Reader discretion is strongly advised. Also those with moral inhibitions and scruples should refrain from scrolling down

My planned rendezvous yesterday went as per schedule and it was indeed an experience. I left in morning, bought a triple-pack of Durex and reached the assigned venue slightly late. I was picked up from given spot in a black Santro and taken to a dingy, non-descript bylane nearby. Upon entering one of the under-constructed houses, I was taken to a desolate room with a double bed, where two plain Janes were paraded in front of me. I asked for recommendation and was suggested one which I took, before which I made the payment. Although I had stuck the deal for 4000 bucks but had to part with 500 extra

The intercourse to be honest was nothing special to write home about. I was heated in the sun and the chick was sleeping in AC, so bodies took some time to adjust. To start with she did not kiss, perhaps to avoid infections. When we did undress ourselves, she was not forthcoming and to be blunt, she tasted awful. Long after in the evening also, I had a torrid sensation lingering in my mouth with all the boob sucking that I had done. Only her back was inviting and somewhat worth licking. Also it took sometime to slip on a condom, which I had never done before. She asked me many times to pull the rubber down but the foreskin actually hurts there! Good thing was the Durex was always on and we used another one after the first one came off. I could not enter her, only insertion happened when she was on top for a while but that too required mutal effort. I finally asked her to suck me off, which she dutifully did for a long time (I again had her back meanwhile) with very well timed to and fro movements, but guess the pressure does not work with a condom on. Eventually her mouth started to pain and I had to use my own methods to discharge myself, after which I quietly left

I am really thankful to my blogger friends for egging me on here, especially Rookie Blogger (now rechristened Miss Over Thought). Sex is indeed a very important and enjoyable activity and when done right way can give a lot of fulfillment and fun. The loneliness which had crept into my life was hurting like anything and at least having some action going did provide some solace

However I also realized that sex is not a one-off activity, I mean its more an act of giving. If you actually love, or even like someone, the intercourse will be more fulfilling and you will always look at pleasing the other person, and this happens irrespective of gender. After all sex is in an intimate activity and only if your relationship with the other person is somewhat dil ka mamla, will the fire burn. While doing it with a whore, you are just doing it; but if a beloved is involved, there is some exchange of energies, apart from saliva and semen, happening which gives a lot of deep satisfaction resulting in greater ecstasy. Nothing, believe me nothing, can match the warmth of a relationship and its associated intimacy, which acts as a fodder to the ever-hungry human mind, body and soul.

Till my next time happens, which I hope will be more intimate, enjoyable and with someone better tasting, this one will do and till then I can at least be in some peace


  1. OMG OMG and OMG!!!!

    I was soooooooooooo waiting for this one!!!

    Arre 500 extra bhi dia and still no kissing?? No foreplay?? kya re?

    Hmmmm.....chalo this experience not only gratified your bodily demands but also made you realize the sheer futility of sex without any emotions involoved. Ofc, that doesn't hurt every once in a while. Does it??

    Kudos to you for being candid enough to write about this here.


  2. i guess it helps to have the first time without the emotional thing attached..some friend back down half way through because of the girls pain and all..

  3. it hardly ever goes inside the first time with a lot of people it seems

    i hope your next time is someone special and not paid-for ;)

    good you feel better at least!

  4. wow! I totally agree if you love or like someone sex is way much better! even one night stands can be good if you have a strong desire to someone otherwise it sucks!

    Pick better chick next time and ask for foreplay!
    btw... you paid and you had to finish by yourself? that sucks man!

  5. You said everything in your post - I don't think I can add anything is really beautiful if you are doing it with someone you really love or care about deeply - that's why it is called making love. And now you've discovered that yourself.
    I think a lot of female bloggers are probably hating me right now - for "encouraging" you to go this route.. You did in the end what made most sense to you but I suggested it because you sounded very lonely in one of your posts..and mostly because I didn't want you marrying a girl just because you wanted sex - that would not have been fair to either of you. Now that you have had this out of your system, perhaps you can relax a bit..

  6. I guess that was not meant for an underage kid...

    Oh well at least i got the moral...

    Love the whore before the intercourse...
    or something like that...


  7. *Miss Over Thinker
    OMG I respect you so much :O

    Good boy, glad that's been done now :D
    Now back to normal life, and finding a partner... Someone who might mean something...

    Glad you got your first experience. I assure you that the second is always far, far better!

  8. OMG... hehe watever you do, always play safe :D

    hehe so what first experience is as not as expected, others will follow and will be better each time :)


  9. An honest and a brave post.

    Here's to change and companionship and love that you'll find in due time.

    Cheers to that.

  10. Everything happens for a reason. Hopefully next time it will be with someone you have feelings for. Now you know how hollow it feels when one has to pay for it. Yes getting married just for this wouldn't have been fair to either of you (Yes I read your previous posts) but the most important thing is that it should be someone you share an emotional bond with :).

  11. hehe...enjoyed ur post...macha diye guru.

  12. This is so fucked up dude. You seriously have no idea how many diseases the hookers carry, and NO a condom CANNOT protect you from everything.

    And you got ripped. 4500?! shit man, that's fucking expensive! get it? fucking expensive. ha ha


  13. Wow. You payed 4500 and still had to finish by yourself? What a crying shame.
    I don't think the problem was that it wasn't with someone you loved. Love can have a lot of affect on the sex when it's present, but when it's absent, it doesn't actually worsen the situation.
    The problem was just that you picked an unsatisfactory girl. You should have gone with the chick who was insistent you pick her.
    While sex does not require love, per se, it does require want. Sex with someone unenthusiastic is bound to be unsatisfactory.
    Plus, at Nothingman pointed out, cheap local hookers carry a dozen infections each.
    Kudos to you all the same, for taking the plunge.

  14. Erm.

    That, did not sound really enjoyable.
    I think i agree on trillian with this one,
    I think, love doesnt matter that much. The want should be there.