Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going back

I fly off to India tomorrow morning and will be there for a week; my office is closed for most of next week so makes sense to make a small dash home. Visiting home or native place for first time is sure to be exciting but am I really excited?

I am excited because

*C’mon visiting own people is fun and after all nothing in world can beat your own room, own bed (maybe a blonde accompanying on bed can beat)

*First visit so all will be curious to hear me and my tales about the city I have been living in for now. My good and not so good experiences should be listened to with some interest

*Have already been planning this visit for sometime and am glad that ticket booking dates and holidays have fit in perfectly; I had blocked tickets a month back taking a gamble on holiday dates and was overjoyed when dates coincided

*Have bought gifts and all for everyone so this shows I care. Now I am not a big buyer but then first visit home, that too from a foreign locale, does call for mementos and gifts. Not carrying any gifts would have been grossly wrong

I am not excited because

*Going back to the drudgery that I left and I despise so much, who in his senses would like to recall all of that?

*Have grown apart from my folks but anyways its only a short visit

*Always believed better to maintain distance than become too close and develop ill-will

*My past and uneasy relations still haunt me here, so where the fuck does any excitement come in here?

*My Eden is here where I intend to build my future so should be more excited by my stay here than visiting home


  1. Same pinch about the unexcitment that is. And don't worry, a week will fly by and everyone most probably will be in awe of you, will listen to your stories and all. You'll probably get ahh mere desh ki mitti wali feeling when you see things that you haven't seen for a while. One week, you're safe. Its a month that's tragic ;)

  2. Things might change due to the distance !

  3. gifts! what are you getting for me?

    and it'll be cool! it's just a week anyway, it will probably be over before you even want it to.

    have fun and show off !

  4. Nice to know you are heading home even though there are some qualms. Home is after all Home!!Happy Journey.