Monday, November 22, 2010

Refreshing home trip

My trip to India went off well and was everything that I anticipated it to be. If you read my below post I was undecided whether to feel excited or indifferent, not sure how this visit will take shape, but at end of day I am glad it all went well

After landing the first think which struck me outside Delhi Airport was the noisy ambience with cacophony of voices and blaring sounds being a far cry from the calm surroundings of Muscat; outside Airport I could spot the pot-bellied police cops relaxing in afternoon sun while the frenzied crowds screamed and shrieked – all this seemed so normal sometime back but so different this time. I was myself amazed as to how a little time away can make regular things look unnatural; however I must confess the new terminal looks swanky, modern and world class – thank heavens atleast something of international standards is there

Upon reaching home everyone was expectedly excited and happy to see me and note how my appearance (thankfully) had not changed much. During the next few days I spent time at home, I went shopping at malls, caught a movie, dinner with my folks, rode in new Delhi metro, took a tiring and expensive trip to Vaishno Devi and also a visit to my old office after my ex-boss had invited me over for coffee. And not to forget there were loud deliberations at home on my marriage with all chipping in with what I should look for and what to be careful about, its rather fascinating to note everyone’s take on marriage for it also somewhere reflects their own marital experience. In between all this I also bought some alcohol and a porno DVD combo where I later discovered the scenes were censored!!

Before flying I was cautioned that first trip home is nostalgic, a week will seem like a day, one won’t fell like leaving and will always wish if the days can be stretched. However I will not deny that I did feel some of these emotions at times but only after a couple of days I was thinking when I would get to fly back, I was after all missing my naughty bachelor life here and moreover it was those restricted environs only from where I had ran away from. Also I decided that my next visit next year would be only for a week and not the eligible month; I would go bonkers if I stayed there long.

Day before yesterday when I eventually landed at Muscat Airport and took the waiting pick-up for home and settled into my bachelor pad later, I felt this where I belonged and this is where my future lay


  1. Glad your trip went well. And home is where the heart is. You obviously belong in Muscat and thats where you should be :)

  2. Hi,

    You really got the full circle at home, God to Porn ... you covered all the bases. Way to go ...

  3. Ya that new terminal is fab

    glad that ur trip went well. I so miss home!

  4. Trips home should always be like doses of medicines, short but effective!

  5. It's nice to see you taking the life in Muscat so well.. I have been away from home for 10 years and there are days when I still feel like an outside here..

    Can't wait to hear your next instalment with your flirt partner!

  6. You are having a gala-time outside home.
    In time may be you'll get so used to it that u'll turn into an ageing Suhel Seth/Salman Khan/... etc.
    Or loads of fun would at-last make you wish for a family. A family of your own, for whom u'll toil n earn n make happy!
    Time will tell!! Till then enjoy!

  7. Welcome back! Looks like you had a great Diwali time at home!

  8. So someone is finally back.....glad u enjoyed it....but then since u feel u belong here be here.....but once a while home trip is always good :) enjoy :)

  9. Happy Thankful day..Thanks for all your support! xoxox darn girl

  10. its good to know what you want and what not to.. its a special talent im given to believe :)