Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And the flirting continues…

Yesterday evening I called up my flirt partner, having not flirted with her for some time I was feeling something missing. Thankfully she was available and in mood giving both of us a good time

Me: Hey long time
She: long time? Since what long time, we have not done it once (giggles)
Me: oh come on, you know other day I had a bad dream involving you. I dreamt you were dropping me off in your gleaming red sedan and suddenly you stopped car in middle of nowhere and started molesting me. I was shouting help, help… but you didn’t stop
She: I am sure you would have enjoyed the dream, it wouldn’t have been scary
Me: so are you planning to make my dreams come true anytime soon?
She: if you want me to…
Me: I am sure you must be smiling, you have nice smile and nice skin; should show more of it
She: what will you do with it?
Me: I like your soft flesh, have many plans to do many things with it. But we need to be fast else I will do it with that Russian in Dubai
She: do it na…you really want to do it
Me: yup…but then I think about you and stop
She: why about me? That’s going to take time, do it the next time you go there, I am sure you will enjoy her you flesh eater
Me: make that flesh admirer; can never keep my eyes from your satin arms and cleavage I always try to stare at
She: keep staring only, as if you need an invitation to proceed…

I am not sure where all this is progressing but I am enjoying the journey before the destination though I wonder when the chats on phone will fructify to cuddles on bed – if anyone has ideas please share, I fly off to India this weekend and will be glad to implement them upon return

Addendum: guys, gals and fellow commentors - this chick is a sherni over phone but bakri otherwise (drawbacks of staying with parents); tell me how to break her shackles first, breaking of membrane will follow


  1. Open invitation hai. What are you waiting for? Christmas?

  2. hahhahah u and ur flirtings :P comeon go ahead she is all ready for it :P

  3. Aha she seems to be quite ready for it...i dont think u need any tips! ;) U r goin good.

  4. This flirting is almost unreal. Just go surprise her with a visit. Ask her out for a formal dinner date and go for it. If you take any longer than this, consider this girl gone. Women hate waiting after they have made their choices so obvious.


  5. Dude. Go.For.It!

    It's a home run. Do it soon, before she moves on. Plan a date that will knock her socks off.

  6. The message is loud and clear! What are you waiting for? :D

  7. lol..the flesh eater part was funny!! Agree with all the comments above..you want her she wants you..take the plunge!! ;)

  8. I agree with all the comments too

  9. Damn man! Had i been at ur place ( I wish ssly! :P) , i would have taken her out on a classy date - movie or dinner watever - by now. Women love a man with class & plans. Just call her, fix the date& time, reserve a nice restrnt n see where it goes. Have fun....

  10. i agree with di...pehle phone peh to start something Pesto..i know you are an expert at it :)

  11. Funny ... to break shackles you need to win her trust (I guess you already have) .. but boy the membrane comment at the end was a bit sexist and gross ... be gentle Bro ...

  12. Just fell into your blog, this post is beyond funny. Love the absolute bluntness of it. The number of GO.FOR.ITs say it all. :) Good luck with this one.

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  14. aha!! seriously!! men should not get over-confident about not finding a broken one :P