Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Memorable bygone days

Last evening had been to a hospital in Delhi to visit an old family friend, recovering from a major surgery. The hospital took me many years back, when I had last visited the place to see a classmate after she had met with a road accident. My friend was badly hit & had her knee totally broken. We all friends, including her boyfriend, had gone to see her with bouquets & chocolates. Now this girl could not conceal her excitement upon seeing her prince charming & wanted to get cozy with him there itself. She asked her mother to fetch something from outside & her sister to leave on some other pretext. When the field was clear our hero was asked to sit alongside her on the hospital bed & soon the mutual exchange of saliva began. One of us was asked to guard the door while Romeo & Juliet made hay, Romeo bending down & the broken-kneed Juliet in a lose nighty, lying horizontally with only her tongue & lips functional & functioning to their full capacity. Sitting on the sofa & watching Dayavan II is perhaps one of the unforgettable moments from my college days.

These friends of mine were quite fond of each other even during class timings & rarely managed to keep their hands off each other. In Hindu College, there is an isolated passageway on first floor with only a few class rooms, which was the favorite haunt of many lovebirds, appropriately nicknamed G B Road. My dear friends also used to find some space for themselves here, sometimes disturbed by other couples who would silently occupy the other corner. Thankfully this guy was not a hosteller, for the bed sheets were spared those sticky stains.

Once in canteen, with only three of us around, conversation veered to nuts & bolts & how the right fit is found. This girl, with a twinkle in her eye & eyeing her man, said even if the fit is not proper, penetration can happen; not all fits are made to size, but with effort they go deep inside, which later gives desired results & sometimes a soul is born. Only later I could understand the intended connotation & what the nuts & bolts denoted. Both of them were indeed fond of each other, but sadly their alliance was not possible because of different religions & the girls divorced parents forbade anything good for.

All said & done, those memorable college days were wonderful. Wish I could go back sometime…


  1. The "Romeo+Juliet" scenario made me laugh out loud: I can actually picture the scene and it's really funny to me!

    Two of my friends (who've coupled up) seem to like asking us to guard their perimeter while making out in public.. as if they'll get arrested for P.A. (public affection).

    Sometimes it gets so intense (hence awkwardly weird), that all would be better off if they were locked up.

  2. Ah I hate being stuck in such situation.. two of my project partners ( got married last month) used to implore me to come to the girls place to work on the project.. while I did the whole coding stuff.. they were busy in the dark doing their stuff!

  3. College days.....ahhhhhhh.....
    Man.. u took me back....I was such an assbitch then...

  4. College days, hmmm!!!! Aren't they closest to our hearts???

  5. Man! Pda...secret PDA...guards??? Seriously...? THis was a hilarious totally following ur blog now.
    do visit mine a leave ur comments~!