Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Phew! Have come back to office today after attending my friend’s wedding in Jammu over the weekend. But what an eventful the last few days have been! On Friday last I was all excited & pumped up - taking off couple of days from office, telling everyone I will be away, activating Out of Office assistant in outlook etc. Upon reaching home & giving final touches to my travel bags & suitcases, realized that my suit is nicely locked up with keys missing. Run…..drove to all nearby malls, looking for a reasonably priced formal blazer. First stop was a wedding store with attractive wedding attires, only to discover that like the dresses, price tags were also exceptional. Finally came across Big Bazaar which had a good discount going.

My first question to the salesman “Show me something less than 1000 bucks & looks good”
An amused look on his face “Are you buying for some charity?”
“No, its only a marriage”
“OK, we have a 50% discount running, perhaps you can check in that corner”
‘That corner’ did have some crumpled blazers, which had perhaps been dumped there before Diwali, I finally chose an old, stinking black (& dirty) one from the lot.

Back home it was all packing time & heading for railway station. Thankfully I was on time & had got a nice coupe with me all alone. When the train started I was a bit bored, but slept peacefully with two blankets & AC in full blast. I also thought of shagging, in that cozy & dimly-lit ambience, but abstained in the end. Little did I know the next morning will snatch my sleep & peace for days & nights to come.

That morning seemed normal like any other one – I woke up early thanks to alarm; same lazy bones which did not want to get out of bed, reluctantly got down to the lower berth. As the train chugged into Jammu railway station, I bent down to pick my bags – What the fuck! All my bags gone, stolen; and that too in AC first class. A frantic search ensued but of no avail. An FIR with railway police was put in place, in which I boldly highlighted the complicity of TC & connivance of train attendant, but honestly have little hope.

Upon reaching Jammu, had to buy all clothes anew including wedding day dress which all summed up to a whopping 10,000 bucks of unnecessary expense. All my excitement had turned to frustration & somebody else’s wedding had turned into an expensive nightmare for me.

The wedding was not bad; I tasted Teacher’s after a long time, though had to mix & conceal in Pepsi. Its another matter that many others, including the bride were sipping their own intoxicated Pepsi glasses. The bride’s friends looked interesting & one of them also seemed interested in me, though sadly could not progress much there.

Reached back Gurgaon yesterday, but must say am glad to be back & thanks to my great train robbery, the intended vacation next month stands cancelled due to my personal financial crisis.


  1. Oh!!! God that is pathetic...

  2. Too bad! Luckily nothing more valuable was lost..

  3. Actually, this time we went on vacation, one of our bags was missing and we found it in another compartment! What are the odds?

  4. How many of the bride's friends intrested you and were equally intrested in you,and why could it not progress with any of them?