Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sleeping in nude

Last night I read on net about Padma Lakshmi, the former muse of Salman Rushdie, deciding to pose in the nude for some photo shoot. The hottie claimed that she was used to her nudity & enjoyed being naked. Infact she said that she slept nude on most nights. Guess if you have something remarkable to display, you would like to have a look at it again & again. If that too doesn’t gratify, then have it viewed by others too, like our dear Indian model in US is going to do.

I remembered a friend of mine, or an unknown friend for I never met her, who used to indulge in late night phone sex, all the time claiming that she has nothing on. Wish there was live video streaming on her mobile!

Guess there is a thrill which comes by sleeping in birthday suit. Its is like a kid who plays with toy guns, all the time imagining that he is in the main battle field. The kid knows that he is some years away from actually getting to hold a real gun, so makes up with his play stuff. Similarly those away from marriage also know that it is some time before which they can have real stuff on the bed; hence night time strip acts as a dress rehearsal (or undress rehearsal).

I too have slept nude many times, but never at home; can never take that risk with bed bugs & termites around. It is only when travelling on company purpose & staying in those exquisite deluxe rooms, watching some grown up stuff on TV, that I am in full monty. The rubbing of satin on the raw flesh gives a touch of heaven many times. Try it, can be fun really


  1. U know this is the HIGH that everyone wants and they do it too. but never open up or confess to such things.

    Lemme confess here..I hv slept naked a lot of times and it gives u a high like nothing else.

    And Ive had some similar experiences of travelling and stayin in hotel rooms via the company...and nakedness in a place that is new to u..is....unbelievable.

    I appreciate ur topic. Lovely. :-)

  2. OK Im still waiting to knw if u tried it and wot happend next.
    And hey..this post of urs has inspired me to write something similar. Planning on it.