Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In search of a better tomorrow

This Saturday was an enjoyable day for me, as fun-filled team building training exercises were organized in the office. It is good to have such off-side activities organized at workplace from time to time, as they give opportunities to mingle with other team members and also to learn from the exercises. It also gives break from the rigmarole of daily mundane office work and helps relax in a good way.

The exercises and trainings were insightful as many times we tend to overlook the basics of working and get engrossed in our own cobwebs, which eventually don’t benefit anyone. Some psychometric tests were also administered, which helped everyone discover their work style and underlying pedagogy. Last year when similar activity was organized in office we had undergone transactional analysis, which was indeed an eye-opener for some especially me.

Later in the day the entire team went out for an evening at 32 Milestone. We surely did have a lot of fun, with go-karting, bowling and other games adding to the excitement. The only sad part was that since this was a company sponsored event only beer was served, perhaps to control the costs and I could only admire the Famous Grouse bottle from a distance

Meanwhile the other good news is the economy finally opening up. Anyone who has lived through the nightmare of global crisis will surely not forget the shock and panic in a hurry. It is heartening to see hiring resuming at good number of places, a far cry from those not-too-distant dreadful days when the ugly bloodbath of lay-offs was in full swing. It was indeed not a pretty sight at all to see so many lose their jobs and maybe much more everyday. All the cribbing regarding my workplace had evaporated those days, as I held on to my job and was mercifully spared the axe

However better days coming back also mean I will resume my job hunt soon, though many times I wonder why I need to shift somewhere. Agreed I earn peanuts, but then I have a comfortable employment, a great boss, low work pressure, good colleagues, a great team and reasonably decent life. Perhaps it is the search for a better tomorrow which makes me look for a change and hope that only something better than the present awaits


  1. I think it's good to want to search for a better job - staying in the same job, no matter how comfortable can make a person complacent. You are you young, single, no responsibilities - now is the perfect time for you to be looking for opportunities - I am talking like I am a granny..

    But I know I am not as open to changes so I always try to encourage others who are..

  2. Oh yes! The economy sure is opening up.

    All the best for the job hunt! :)


  3. hmm ok, very good, all the best

  4. Oh it sure is great relief to see the economy getting better..and so is the hiring trend of companies..

    I believe when it comes to job change a vertical movement is what you should opt for rather than a horizontal one..

    Best of luck!!

  5. That's a really tough question- to move on or not?
    hope you find the right answer.

  6. heyii there :) thanks for dropping by

    liked the few write ups i read :) you write neat maan!!

    thankfully i managed a job in a month when the economy was not so good..abh within 2 months everything is expected to regain normalcy :)

    so very soon i would like to know abt your job hunting experiences