Monday, November 23, 2009

Times are changing

For few days I have been hearing this jingle on Red FM “jo ladkiyan chhote kapde pahenke party karti hain, kya wo bacchalan hoti hain?? Jhaapad!! Red FM aaj ke zamane ka hain, baap ke zamane ka nahin” Well times have been changing and going by the outpourings in blogosphere, many changes are starkly evident

*While I was growing up it was normal to have your one boyfriend and date him for sometime. However these days changes occur with every season and it is only natural and not promiscuous to move on or have other dalliances going. A friend of mine, whose face actually resembles a commode, has been through many men and I too would have been one of them had I not eyed her Mom

*In old Hindi films, vamps were shown drinking and smoking, all the time plotting the next evil move in their den. Now films show many leading actresses having their casual evening drink and I am really thankful the world has moved on

*Virginity was a sacred issue till many days back. However I do not see any reservation nowadays before getting into a physical relationship. With the advent of contraceptives, the risk of adverse consequences has reduced and with many migrating to metros for better prospects and living independently, own decision-making has come into prominence.

*Choli ke peechhe kya hain… from Khalnayak had stirred quite a controversy many, many years back when cable TV had just entered our country. Also I recall Karisma was ostracized for enacting sexy, sexy mujhe log bole...But now just look around and these songs resemble poetry. Also mouthing of abuses is no longer a male bastion, what with chutiya and maadar chod gaining universal prominence

*Perhaps the next big thing to hit will be the gay and lesbian movement. On a late night radio show recently, a lady confessed that she was bi-sexual and boasted of a supporting husband, so much so that they hired prostitutes for threesomes!

Now don’t get me wrong here. I am really thankful that we are living in a society which is more egalitarian and absent of the archaic dogmas which have hindered and ruined us for long. Just some times are changing and only those who adapt will survive.


  1. 1) "A friend of mine, whose face actually resembles a commode, has been through many men and I too would have been one of them had I not eyed her Mom" --> where's the LIKE button?

    2)@post--> 3 stages: adopt , adapt , adept.

    although they come sequentially, neither of them come with a compulsory condition of "endorsement".
    'live and let live' they said. maybe that is the motto that this "society which is more egalitarian and absent of the archaic dogmas which have hindered and ruined us for long" is working on, and till now it hasn't ripped itself out of existence so...

    p.s: sorry for the rampant quotes.

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  3. i completely agree with you. it was really thoughtful and the changes which you are talking about. they are much needed.

  4. all these stuff give the picture of a country where its easy to get laid..sadly its

  5. I agree and am I a happy woman or what. :)


  6. I'm just glad that the change is finally taking place. :)

  7. Glad to find birds of the same feathers here. The commentors and the author think alike

    Most of our morality on sex and other stuff is from the victorian times true. So shedding the old, stagnant dogmas is good

    But there is a value system underlying all these. The question to be asked is 'Are our value system remaining the same?'

    Has our values on sexuality, drinking, smoking, virginity, chastity has changed?

    For me the value systems must remain the same wherever I go, whoever i meet.

    Yeah, the values may vary from person to person and Its none of my business to tamper with another's beliefs

    But as an individual you must have a strong conviction in whatever you do.

    Should you lose your virginity because rest of the world has lost its?

    Should you smoke because rest of the world does or drink because rest of the world do?

  8. I think it's sad that we are blindly aping the west and forgetting ourselves in an absurd haste to be "cool"

  9. Am I reading "morality" here? Well I think so. Then its a relative term. People do flaunt their so called open behavior as say its fine as long as others aren't hurt. If it happens with them? Of course jump up and down, crib and blame!!

    There is an culture of "open marriage" in few countries where the man and the woman get to go around and indulge in physical relationships with anyone.

    Things ARE changing.

  10. i agree times have changed... people are taking more decisions themselves than waiting for society to impose something on them