Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where did I lose out?

Last evening was browsing through Times Now when face of a reporter seemed somewhat familiar. I could not relate to her straight away but waited for her to say her name at end of report, which brought immediate recall. Prerna Thakurdesai was my classmate in class IX and X and someone difficult to forget. She was a stunner back then and not the pumpkin you see now, infact many agreed those days sundara, sundara... from Rakshak should have been filmed on her. However what was surprising was not her appearance on TV but her history from school days. Prerna was a hot property in school , having a figure which was envy of one and all. She was daughter of a Squadron Leader, staying opposite to boys hostel campus in Air Force School and visiting hostel sports area every evening for volleyball practice. Lest I forget she was also fond of boys and did have a wide variety to choose from. Also she had scant inhibitions and no reservations in making indulgences of any kind. It was often said that her smooches were tastier than strawberry Rasna.

It is not for the first time that people known to me are coming on TV. Many folks from Hindu have made it to NDTV and other channels, but what is common to all of them was their outrageous boldness. Not one of them was a happy goody two shoes like me, who led a straight life; but always up to some adventure and yes, mostly in demand. Back then it seemed that immorality and brashness were something to be stayed away, but I guess they are virtues which at times can lead you places. Those folks who like me led an uncomplicated life now lead a salaried middle class life, perhaps content with their existence or what they had sought for. But it is sluts who have actually made it big and now bask in a life of fame and envy

Maybe I too should have explored some of those choices, which may have appeared wrong then but have brought recognition and prosperity to those who went there. Maybe I should have abandoned those premises I always lived with and never refrained from those then wrong-appearing choices. Maybe getting fame happens only through an unconventional route and simple lives lead only to simple existence

Now manytimes I am left asking myself: Where did I lose out?


  1. know what when we look from this end; we can only see the glowing green side; but we can not see the other implications and consequences; compromises people might put up to get there. We got to ask ourselves that if we are ready to take up the package deal before we get into their shoes. Believe me most of the times it is easy to feel what we are not; but when we get there the feeling still stays there.

  2. tastier than strawberry rasna??lol..well yes that has been happening..but i have seen usually popular good looking chicks,the bold ones..are usually talented in one thing or the other..and their boldness means they pursue

  3. hey you have received an award here. please collect it

  4. The grass is always greener on the other side, huh? :)

  5. the "wrong-appearing choices" , at least( along with many other 'emotions' and 'consequences'), have one thing to offer - they give us a sense of content at being able to take the plunge even if its at the expense of suffering the (good/bad/great/pathetic et al)repercussion of such a lifestyle rather than regretting one's "goody two shoes" image and sulking about an equally(most probably more) unsatisfactory existence.

    grass is not always greener on the other side;
    sometimes the grass , on the other side, may actually be of a higher breed.

  6. i knowwww how that feels!! i've seen some people i know on tv and other places too..but i don't know how content and happy they are. its okay, what to do! do your own thing

  7. for me you are a winner...a winner who really think he must have lost the game...since those failing are getting more of the attention....

    i agree human wants praise, recognition and due reward for their efforts...and since this is a world of corruption, lies and might miss on all that if you chose the path less followed..the path of truth..

    you have to be content in your self that at least there wont be any random blogger on blogspot saying you were once a slut ;) i mean come on do you really wanna be one of them..God only knows what all they have sacrificed to get till there...and if they are really that happy as we think they are...

    Grass might look greener on the other side..but then you should take a better look at your farm :)

  8. who knows... U might make it big (in the way ur inner soul desires to be) with the path of morale and principals and ur victory might taste sweetest!

  9. there !! through with 2 months worth :)

  10. you know, your choice was the right one...what is the use of fame without satisfaction or at the cost of your self respect?

  11. Slut = Fame, not really the right notion to have.

    It is just about getting what you want. If you really want it, you will get it. And if it means Simplicity, so be it. :)


  12. You think leading an uncomplicated life has given you only simplicity, but that was a choice you made right?

    Others did not and thats why they are where they are.

    Ofcourse it is only the unconventional who achieve fame, for then wont all of us be famous??? There has to be a demarcation somewhere.

    And are you not being too rigid for calling the choices that others made "wrong" and yours "right"?

  13. Each one to his or her own. So you are straight-laced...there's a lot of good to that. And I'm sure if you really, really wanted to work on TV, you could do it. But who knows, you may not like it once you get there. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side...

  14. you'd have lost out if you did something that was against your own morals and standards. so, are you really losing out????

  15. I don't think it works that way. There's always a flipside to the coin. I prefer to call it being opportunistic.

  16. You know this life is big enough for you to accommodate what you want to do. It can never be too late.

    "But it is sluts who have actually made it big and now bask in a life of fame and envy"

    You know just because some girl is frisking away with more than one man, it doesn't make her a slut. If that'd be the case more than half the men on this planet would be sluts.

    Also, I studied journalism and I can tell you that my seniors and classmates who're on most of the news channels now are not sluts... they led a very simple life but they're still out there. Maybe you're asking yourself the wrong question.

    Good luck! :)

  17. I agree with some of the other commentors - I didn't like the use of the word slut for that girl in your story.. I know when we were in highschool, any girl who so much as kissed more than one guy was called that but that's because we were young and impressionable.. I would hope that as we grow we are not as judgmental anymore.. not to say that girl wasn't promiscuous, may be she was..

    Other than that, I feel like I can completely relate to your post on every level.. I have been so good all of my life, sometimes I hate that.. I know my friends who seemed to enjoy their life and did things I considered bad and immoral and now they are the ones who still continue to have fun..

    Every dog has his day, ours will come soon enough..

  18. Somehow I feel this post of yours is complete to what to felt in your post - "Life is beautiful"

  19. I agree with you yaar…. There is no connection between success and virtue…

    Intelligent, hardworking guys from my batch ended up doing boring, less paid jobs

    Those who never came for classes and those who never even graduated ended up flying around , got paid in dollars….

    May be as long as you abide by rules… you wont risk thinking out of that framework

    For those who have nothing to lose, the entire world becomes his playground and he takes bolder decisions

    @fellow followers

    I don’t think nowhere was it mentioned that prerna was a slut… atleast not explicitly

  20. Media always looks for ppl who are bold (not necessarily beautiful). Prerna Thakurdesai had worked with different print media houses like India today, express n many more.
    U can b an average engineer or MBA and still get infosys but an average journalist cant even think of entering TIMES NOW

  21. let's just not malign anybody just because she's done well.. She's worked hard and achieved what she deserves, nothing less nothing more. Manjari i completely agree with you. If you would like to know Prerana was a member of Amir khan's 'Satyamev Jayate".

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    1. Utter bull crap.
      Just who you are and who gives you right to write something like this?
      I was in the hostel and she was my class-mate and later a respected colleague.
      This is simply disgusting and pathetic to say the least