Saturday, November 28, 2009

What are you looking at?

Fridays happen to be a dress down day in office, which gives employees freedom to come in casuals and not stick to the usual formals. Since these are early winters it also means some employees come dressed in summer shirts covered with woolens and when the office conditioning gets a bit warm, the sweater is taken off. Yesterday I was talking to a chick who too had taken off her cardigan and was in her sweat shirt, when I noticed that this chick had….ahem…a bit larger chest. Now that girl did not miss my discreet glare and tried to cover her peaks but in futility. She soon returned to her seat and perhaps may have got her thick woolen back on, to cover her important areas.

Now this was not the first time that this chick had beaten a hasty retreat. Earlier too she has tried to cover her lobes with dupatta, but how much of your own treasure can you hide? I am aware that well endowed females are aware and proud of their wealth, and if given a chance some may want to flaunt it even. After all it is a major attraction to boast of and not everyone is well gifted, or rather well-filled. It is only the fortunate ones who have right cheese at right places

I wonder what is it that makes these supple and soft flesh pounds so attractive. For sure it is not the color, texture or brightness, because it is all hidden. I don’t know how they actually taste also, someone told me once it is the same as lips but a bit more salty. The only ones I tasted were of a whore and not very large but well maintained. But they were awful in flavor and I had a torrid sensation lingering in my mouth for rest of the day.

But I guess males are not the lone starers, females too never miss whenever I itch myself there. Males do touch themselves often because we do not wear padded stuff down there but only simple cotton, which is not very soft on the foreskin. Also hands remain in front, so a bit of handly adjustment can always be excused, though such hand movements never fail to capture the undesired feminine attention

Perhaps both genders have their own areas of interest to watch out for and why not, after all engines of ecstasy and entertainment are to be yearned for


  1. everyone is curious about what's not easily accessible or visible. ears and chin are a body part too! then why aren't they such a turn on? hein!? lol

    its kind of uncomfortable when a man touches himself to adjust or scratch or whatever... imagine a woman scratching herself down there or adjusting her breasts inside the bra in full public view!? funny na

  2. I won't say that was too much information but yeah you're right about us females staring at a guy fiddling/itching around with his thing.

  3. Sad that some people despite having wonderful assets just don't know how to carry them (pun intended) ;)

  4. Yeah the scratching thing we stare at.

  5. lolz..dude that chick doesn't read your blog ..I guess :)

  6. errr... this writeup peaked up a bit
    and yeah i agree with the above comment @toon India

  7. It is impossible not to stare at guys scratching they are so obvious about it!

    Kate x

  8. Big boobs has always been a turn on for me

    And I think most women feels a bit elated when men steal a glance at their boobs

    The good part is bigger tits has come back into fashion after a brief period of smaller ones.

    But I haven't noticed any women staring at men's penis. I will check it out. Gonna scratch my testicles like a monkey in front of female colleagues

  9. i dont know about the others but any itching/adjusmtent work done by guys puts me off like nothing else.
    LOL @ the above comment!

    and great blog pesto sauce ;)
    like the name!

  10. Honestly, I know I am well endowed but do not like it very much. Not just too many unnecessary glares but you just can not wear some clothes because too much of the too much would show, which you do not intend showing.

    I may have slowly come to terms with it and accepting that my cleavage often makes me feel sexier, yet, sometimes your assets can make you uncomfortable.


  11. Oh lord, your honesty blows me off my feet!

    Though I agree that women do NOT find men scratching their groins appealing, particularly because most of the ones who do are repulsive to look at, and the Ranbir Kapoor types never do.