Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Do’s and Don’ts when you are in Muscat

*Go around and meet as many people as you can. Omanis are warm, friendly and peace-loving, basically people who welcome others with open arms

*Negotiate price on anything you want to buy or rent. Although the cost of living is very reasonable its prudent to try not to miss a good deal

*Do not miss to eat local cuisine. Hamoos, shawarma and qubus are the tastiest delicacies you can lay your hands on

*There is no need to be paranoid about safety and belongings. Muscat is perhaps one of the safest places I have been to; upon landing I was late to collect my luggage bags but found them safely in a corner near the conveyor belts

*Look both ways four times before crossing road. Traffic here is dangerous moreso at night when cars ram through the roads

*If one wants to booze, better visit the dance bars. Skimpily clad girls will be delighted to see you and will receive you with inviting and sweet unmentionables, as I am discovering these days

*For all shopping freaks, and this includes mostly fairer sex, don’t expect world from the malls. Here only hyper-markets serving groceries and other utilities are popular, unlike the brand conscious servings found in Gurgaon malls

*Always carry sunglasses along if you come visiting in summer, else have your eyes burnt like mine

*Never even think of breaking the law. Maybe folks who have lived abroad previously will be more law abiding, but for someone stepping out of anarchistic India first time, discretion is advised

*Don’t try to flirt with local females (or males). Firstly its not worth it and secondly you may regret it later. However this does not apply to easy stuff available at times under streetlamps

*And lastly never talk about Sultan here, its taboo sshhh sshhh


  1. My judgment of the appeal of any place is based mostly on the cuisine..the third bullet made me salivate.

  2. You like quboos?
    Really ?

    Hmm..muscat seems like such a peaceful place to live in..

  3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd..all three bullets appeal to me.. :)

  4. "shawarmas" sound so good.. i wanna google-image it

  5. Thank you for the compilation. This will definitely help in case one is visiting! :)

  6. shwarma...sluurrpp!!! Qwah slurpppp!!

    hey i like oman Pesto :)

  7. Thanks for sharing ! Now I want to visit. I've always wanted to go to the Middle East.

  8. Shawarmas are so yum! I just had to have them at least once every week when I lived in Turkey..although they call them doner there..ok now i'm hungry :P

  9. i thought dance bars were extinct...
    or maybe i need to explore more...


  10. So you are liking it at Muscat huh? :D Nice!