Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fear of Fury

On Wednesday afternoon while I was outside office for lunch a cool breeze was blowing, which was a welcome respite from the sweltering heat of this horrid summer. Since the weather was unusually pleasant my group lingered around a little longer than usual, taking in the cool air when murmurs about some approaching cyclone were heard. At first the suggested cyclone was dismissed, as another piece of baseless rumor which out-of-work folks keep circulating. Later in the evening I had gone to attend an Art of Living celebration, where everyone looked a bit grim, I was told that a cyclone alert had been sounded and then realized the rumors were indeed true. While driving back that evening I saw thick, dense clouds racing past each other that too at a dangerously low level. We stopped at a shopping mart to purchase goodies incase the city was jammed due to the impending cyclone but then discovered all malls and marts to be crowded with everyone jostling for space; perhaps the entire city was shopping so as to remain well stocked in event of catastrophe

Next day was no better with all preparing for trouble, in a way entire city was on edge. By evening everyone was cuddled up at home, well stocked with water and eatables, waiting for the deadly cyclone to unleash. By late evening all streets were deserted and though a wild chilly breeze was hitting down hard, waterfall had not started. Friday morning the turbulent cyclone hit with full fury and soon the entire city was engulfed with water. Down from my apartment I could spot rising water level and at times the parked vehicles seemed to float in the water! Thank heavens I live well above the ground level, so did not have water seeping in from anywhere and was spared the agony of seeing all belongings float in unstoppable water. Later information reached that many parts were still water logged and some coastal towns had totally submerged

I spent the cyclone-hit days locked in my room and bored as TV too had given up. Thankfully before leaving India I had read a porn novel in which a young school girl has raunchy affairs and encounters with her next door lady and later her husband, so it helped me heat up and shag well, the only interesting thing I could do behind closed doors.

The cyclone has thankfully now subsided and only pray it doesn’t come back soon


  1. All is well that ends well! Cyclone is over and you can go back to your normal life.

    By the way, why were people at art of living class grim? I thought the class was for making you free of worries. :p

  2. Glad to hear that you are okay. Its wonderful to stay nice and cozy at home when its raining outside (Sans the flooding and all though)

  3. So glad to hear you live about all the chaos. I wonder how long it will take for normal life to resume and for stores to open again.

  4. err!!! oki so i dont know what should be sad about the cyclone or your lonesome self help tatics :) none the same...take care Pesto! and yeah..have fun!!

  5. you could have done push ups also ! :p


    chalo, good, you should always do what you love and whom you love ♥

  6. That was Cyclone 'Laila' averted from South India , it came to Pesto.

  7. You and your indoor shags - I would love to meet the man behind these words someday :)

  8. lolz man...
    glad to know that you didn't end up swimming...