Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten Things about Being a Teenager

Past few days blogosphere has been somewhat abuzz with stories of teenage, apparently there is a contest being run at ‘Compulsive Confessor’ ; the fad is not surprising, after all Meenakshi Madhavan is the modern diva of blogging. Going by some posts I too could not stop myself and jotted down ten things I recall about teenage, one of the most exciting phases of life

1 List of firsts – first kiss, first smoke, first manly fight, first shag…list goes on. The evolution from an innocent petal to full-blown flower couldn’t have been more exciting

2 Craving for freedom – it’s a paradox that what you desire the most, eludes you the most. All teens want to have their own thing going but are sometimes heavily patrolled, atleast in India, by looming parents. Those who are not eventually become sex symbols (see post below to understand better)

3 Crushes – this is the age for crushes. At first only glances are exchanged, then eyes meet, then eyes meet for a second longer, heart skips beats, longs for those eyes…all part of game

4 Impressionable – you want to try everything and be cool. Have the latest gizmos, boast of prized girlfriend, glittering Cadillac to drive and party like Paris Hilton. No wonder many turn smokers at this stage

5 Dreams and desires – at 20 you want to change the world though by 40 the world changes you. There is a time in everybody’s life when desires include visiting moon, dining at White House and finding cure for cancer. These days some dream of kissing Katrina Kaif

6 Glimpse of adulthood – at a time when you leave the childish innocence behind, the bad world of responsibility envelops soon. A grown-up in the family is taught many things considered incapable of before and expected to fend for himself now

7 Breaking rules - now c’mon its more fun to run free when reined in than when unconstrained. One bunks in college but the excitement of bunking and visiting malls during those school days is something altogether different

8 Puberty – now now now there are changes happening in your body you get conscious about. Suddenly watching porn feels all the more better with the inexplicable butter melting somewhere; I still recall when those raging hormones had become too much to control I used to makeout with my room buddies in hostel toilet. That was some fun with the fresh and hot sperms guzzling out

9 No dough of own – as I said before this is the time you desire all goodies but get shit in return. Sadly no money of own means someone else deciding what to do or rather what not to do

10 Acads burden – this is last and perhaps the worst part. If you are growing in India, pressure of doing well in academics at times is too much to handle for the tender brains.

These were my ten guess others will have their own teen tales


  1. Teenage is truly the best times of your life...and the most excruciating! Can't believe it's been 6 years since I was one!:O

    Great post!

  2. I hated being a teen. So glad I'm an adult. Life is so much better in adulthood !

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  4. traumatic teenage! i was a f-ugly duckling...but was definitely more happy go lucky and fun...i've become a lil mellow and weird now. i miss my teenage self, she was a very fun loving girl..and full of life. that's what's missing now :)

  5. Neat post.. brought back some good ol' memories.

    Seems like you pretty well settled now in your new environment.

  6. Nice post! Everything about teenage- the memories, the experiences and the lessons learnt...I think it stays with us through out life!

  7. Its an interesting time of life. I recently left it behind... and I wonder if I am going to miss it as I grow old :-)

  8. come onn man...
    you could expand number 10 a lil more...
    it is a BIG deal


  9. the fav part of my teenage years was that by boyfriend was the hottest guy in school...the worst part was MATH..no kidding!

  10. What a spot-on list! :o) ... Although I do not have any good/bad lists from that period. But exams all throughout my life were a pain in my***!

    Thanks for a lovely compliment on my blog!!! :o) If you do watch Raavn, share what you thought! Have a fab Sunday!

  11. Oh gosh being a teenager stinks. But it also be a lot of fun!

  12. One regret in my life is that I didn't get to experience the hostel life, specially the "making out with buddies" part.

  13. teenage was when mtv girls made the heart skip a beat every time :D