Monday, June 21, 2010

In the last two days I have…

*Lied to my boss

* Seen a male-strip show on net and absolutely loved those hunks and their bulging biceps

*Tried to steal from nearby mall

*Visited a doctor

*Been caught fiddling with my organ

*Received a marriage proposal

* Came across snaps of my old roommate cum fuck-buddy and still felt an erection, almost 15 years after those wonderful blowjobs

*Learnt I will be travelling to Dubai next month

*Decided not to watch Raavan

*Drank 15 litres of water and still felt burnt in this brazen heat

* Finally found on net pics of the chick I used to have phone-sex with years back and cursed why I could not jump into the phone

*Skipped dinner

*Worn my underwear inside out

*Been ogled at by smoking hot chick

*Lied to my boss (oh not again)


  1. thats super cool sure have been doing enough to have fun in two days..
    interesting read.
    lmao@*cursed why I could not jump into the phone*

  2. got a marriage proposal after being caught fiddling with the organ? haha

  3. What would you do in ten days!!

  4. buddy...u r doing a lot of things....

  5. quite a day hu? nothing wrong with fiddling with your member!

  6. Good call on Raavan, I hear its crap! :P

  7. eyiii i dont wanna know i dont wanna know...shhhh

  8. hehe :) *why i couldnt jump in the phone*

  9. hey..thanks for stopping by my blog..super cool blog you have here..i think the best of the lot above is having decided not to watch Raavan..those 3 hrs could be used so wonderfully somewhere else..:))

  10. oh wow.. what an eventful 2-days you have had!!!

    Animated Confessions

  11. Are all these for real? You seem to have a fun life.. Dubai should be exciting - never been there but heard from people who have that it's fantastic..

  12. Its interesting how a lot revolves around Lies, Sex and Food(even if missed).

    I guess this is a typical guy's-diary entry.

  13. Where were you when you were caught with the fiddling? :-P

    And were you on the giving or receiving end of those BJ's with the ex-roommate? :-)