Monday, May 4, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

On Saturday night my team had organized a party at a nearby pub called Buzz in DLF City Center. Off late this joint has become a preferred haunt for our team outings, with its apt d├ęcor & crowd which provides the right ambience for a decent night out. I was the first one to arrive by a long stretch, reaching the venue an hour ahead of others to order liquor during happy hours. Since there was no one around, soon after placing liquor order I took a round of the mall in search of my packet of cigarettes. Surprisingly there were no Silk Cuts available around & for a moment I thought will have to make do with something else. I am not a great fan of Wills Classic or India Kings, and find Wills Menthol to be more of a toffee while Navy Cut is too rough. Thankfully my preferred smooth Silk Cut was available at a nearby outlet & I was spared the agony of compromise.

Coincidentally all invited arrived at same instance, though they were coming from different parts of Delhi & Gurgaon. The mood took sometime to build up as the crowd starts gathering only around midnight on Saturdays, unlike Fridays when Buzz is actually buzzing from start. Buzz has some nice drinks on offer though I haven’t tried any of their cocktails. Also their stock of whisky is somewhat limited with only Blender’s Pride available most times. I don’t know why only this whisky is found everywhere while Signature or Antiquity is never available, though they are much smoother. I went for my old favorite Bacardi Reserva, which did taste good with a dash of lime. I guess Bacardi is increasingly becoming staple drink of Gurgaon, across both genders.

Slowly the crowd starting pouring in, which did have some interesting elements. There was a chick in short skirts, with long desirable pair of legs on display. Another came with her troop of boyfriends in tow, wearing sleeveless n backless brown tank top. She did have a nice cleavage which was uninhibitedly on display & a silky skin texture; and smoking non-stop. A short female in bright red handkerchief (that’s what it seemed, too short to be called a top) was dancing & blowing smoke nearby, with free kisses flowing to all her friends.

When the dance floor had filled to its hilt, the air was thick with smoke & my drinking was showing some effects, I decided to visit the loo which was across the congested dance floor. Outside the loo a couple was in tight embrace & slowly started smooching. Seeing them another one nearby did not waste time & they too began. When I came out of the loo I noticed the brown top gal having her boobs touched & felt at a corner, first by one guy & after he left a nearby replacement took his place immediately.

Meanwhile my group too was having its share of blissful fun with few totally sloshed & going berserk breaking ashtrays & gulping all liquid around. Mercifully the girls were decent & were more focused on dancing leaving drinking for guzzlers like me.

At around 1:30 in night we left the place all happy & gay. I was dropped at my apartment building & immediately dozed off upon hitting the bed.


  1. ha ha ha.. its like you are giving some report :D :D

  2. wow!!! You had a great time indeed!!! Good!!!

  3. thanks for the comment..!!
    and let me tell write pretty well..quite detailing.