Thursday, September 17, 2009

Five reasons I like weekdays better than weekends

I have another long weekend approaching soon, and more holidays there after, though surprisingly I am not too excited at the prospect of having few more days off. Strangely I am not a big fan of having too many holidays and kind of enjoy coming to office. Perhaps I enjoy weekdays more than week ends and after pondering over it for some time, have come to the following probable reasons

1) Set routine, no deviations: I kind of relish the discipline and routine of office, gym, yoga, blogs etc, though I dislike getting up early in morning. I agree there is no excitement in routine but there is also less room for boredom, if it is more to your liking. Moreover we tend to schedule ourselves as per our convenience and tweak our ease somewhere in between

2) Away from home and all crappy people: I seem to detest my people more than anything else, cannot do with so much of negative energy around. Office provides a nice get away and keeps me engaged. I think I would have really gone bonkers sitting at home, with no out let outside

3) Mind occupied no devil’s workshop: a good thing about workplace is most of the times there is work, which if not in too large quantity, does keep you constructively busy. And with work on mind, limited scope for familiar irritations - reminiscing about past, grieving about present or worrying about future - to enter

4) Limited socializing/no partying: at home I usually confine to my room with only few companions around including my laptop, few books and a mobile. Since I cannot booze at home, it feels all the more shitty. Though I do go out for Toastmasters meetings, Art of Living events or movie shows in my complex, nothing to match those high spirits

5) Office has multiple commode showers: this may look trivial but it helps that office has well maintained toilets, thanks to the office staff for its prim and proper condition all time. Commode showers are an essential for me and with numerous loo cubicles on every floor, they do work and serve well

Its true like everyone else, I too count the way to weekends, but somehow always end up disappointed. However that doesn’t stop me in joining others, or rather to pretend to be with others, in looking forward to weekends, only to end up with the all too familiar disenchantment


  1. You should probably move out then. No?

  2. When I was working, I used to prefer weekdays too! :D

  3. Too many holidays result in boredom. Weekends provide "just" enough time and space!

  4. Totally agree with the 3rd and the 5th point.

  5. Absolutely yeah. I had the same feelings when I was working!

  6. Commode showers are an essential for me and with numerous loo cubicles on every floor, they do work and serve well.. TRUE TRUE TRUE :D

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