Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rains, office and my day

It has been raining cats and dogs since morning. Somehow I am not a great fan of rain, feel it is more a hindrance to many things one does or wants to do, though rain also has many romantic connotations. Since morning the road in front of my office has been converted to a river with people forced to fold their pants or lowers before venturing out. Unfortunately there are not many female employees here and those working here have too old legs to ogle at.

These days I am reasonably busy in office, as compared to sometime back when there was hardly any work and only sight visible were the sad employee faces coming to clear their final exit formalities; some laid off, some moving on having got the signal and some having been told to look out. Phew what a sad year this has been; an ordeal not to be forgotten easily anytime soon.

Also I have been recently assigned new responsibilities, feels good that atleast someone has faith and trust in me, all the more better if they happen to decide your work career. Atleast in office I am not feeling so lost, lonely and desolate as I do many times at home. So what if I don’t make much money, atleast I am not being kicked around at work, which would be the worst possible thing happening now with no jobs available outside.

I guess one’s professional life is equally, if not more, important than personal life. For the first time in past three years, I eagerly look forward to coming to office each day and getting on with my stuff here, which sometimes also includes writing blog posts as I am doing now. Sadly my office doesn’t have too many youngsters around, however the flip side is a proper work-life maintained. Also with the economy in turmoil, it works better to be in a non-dynamic, unfluctuating environment not subject to whims of the current crisis.

Meanwhile the rains outside do not seem to stop, incessant pouring since morning continuing unabated with greater force. I haven’t seen this kind of a rain in Gurgaon since ages, heavens have chosen to open up today after a long time, after all it is my birthday


  1. Hey!! HAPPY BDAY!!! May you have a great year ahead and may God fulfil all your wishes. :)

    It's been raining relentlessly since last night and I'm loving every bit of it!! :) :)


  2. Happy Birthday hottie :)) all the best for everything... I hope all your dreams come true. Good dreams only!!
    cheeeers ;>

  3. happy birthday...its fu reading ur blog...i hav recently started blogging...can u help with editing my main blog pg and stuff...:)
    my id is :) cheers

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  6. OMG OMG Happy Birthday!

    Good to hear work-life is good. I know it sucks if there's no youth around :( And I agree about Professional life being so important. Then again, I need to get one to know for sure :S

    Happy birthday, Happy birthday, Happy birthday!

  7. happy belated birthday. I would give anything for it to rain on mine!

  8. Hey! happy b'day.

    Isn't gurgaon supposed to be hotn' happening place with young guys and gals. Seems to be the opposite at your place.

  9. Happy belated birthday.. Hope you had a good one :)

  10. Happy Birthday! :) :) Did you party like a rockstar? :D

  11. oh wow...HAPPY BIRTHDAY@@!!!
    god bless u!

  12. Happy Birthday to you :) finally you have animals in the zoo [us] ;)

    and may God always keep you happy, prospering and bless you!!!

    surely the rain gives me a hint that it wanted to cleanse you new :D

  13. You should def. read Family Matters or Such a long Journey

  14. Reading your blogs is like a whiff of fresh are so impossibly honest.Kudos to you on that!
    HAppy Birthday,btw