Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things done and planned for

Back in office today after a long weekend and another long one follows next time. I did manage to keep myself somewhat busy and entertained across the three days, for one I did go out everyday apart from watching DVDs at home. I also read a few books pending on my shelf for a long time; however must say some of the chicklit stuff coming up these days seems to be only an adapted screenplay of ‘Sex and the City’ and a very poor copy at that. Also on Saturday I took part in a Speech contest and to my surprise won; Sunday was spent browsing net and catching up on some films while yesterday I went out to see ‘Whats your Rashee’ with my folks.

In my book ‘Whats your Rashee’ is entertaining by all counts, all the more endearing to marriageable blokes like me. Priyanka has given a riveting performance, each appearance having its own taste and flavor while Harman looks real hot. There are scenes in the film where I actually wanted to bed him there and then, those unshaven raw looks are too hard to ignore. Priyanka also sizzles at certain instances, moreso in the song where her gleaming back is on uninhibited display. Lust apart, the film does manage to keep one engrossed and its comic parts do entertain and amuse.

Since I too may be forced to look at potential brides in a not too distant future, much to my reluctance and my family’s glee (like Harman in the film), one Priyanka character I would love to meet will be the one where she is an astrologer. She tells Harman that his horoscope has certain defects, which can be remedied only if he screws a female before the wedding. She then goes on to offer her services, inviting Harman to initiate the age-old ecstatic activity, much to his chagrin. Too bad the scene had been edited in the print yesterday and also the entire configuration in Harman’s horoscope is not told in the film. Who knows I may go with a similar planet configuration to lady astrologers around town!

After the movie, we had dinner outside, where the fried fish succeeded in upsetting my stomach. I have also to plan for the next weekend before it begins; some of the workshops I explored are way too expensive, so guess will have to buy some more DVDs. This time I plan to look out for some stylish English ones, provided they are uncensored and have sub-titles running for I can’t follow those stupid accents. Also I have been dabbling in Buddhism these days, have attended one of their chanting sessions which are known to heal and soothe and plan to explore this further in coming days. Guess with the type of existence I have been leading, spirituality is the only escape I may be left with.


  1. Oh! You found 'What's your Rashee?' interesting? Heard it was too long and boring...

  2. I'm glad your life is looking up! You seem to be quite content at the moment :D

  3. sounds like u had urself a blast eh?

  4. Sounds like quite an eventful weekend! Congratulations on winning the contest!

  5. harman is hot? there's something weird about him... like shahid kapoor... they are almost there but something seems to be the problem..

    oh ya, they are copies of some bigger stars..

    i haven't seen WYR... will watch the dvd, sitting continuously for so long does not work for me! too restless... how did you manage??

  6. :) i like a positive tone :) helps me focus positively too :)