Monday, September 7, 2009

Udaipur Rocks

I am just back from Udaipur and must say it was indeed a refreshing trip. A vacation after a long time is indeed relaxing and provides a much needed breather, if not a getaway from the daily grind.

Udaipur is exquisitely beautiful however the major attraction is its lakes and adjoining places. The Lake Palace is perhaps the most majestic sight I have set my eyes on and its very difficult to look any where else once you are near it. A huge white marvel bang in the middle of lake with no walls and only water around, I am surprised how it is not a wonder of the world. Unfortunately visitors are not allowed inside after Taj Mumbai attacks, but the view from outside only is simply breathtaking.

There is also a car museum in the city, where all vintage cars of Maharajas are on display. All old models of Cadillac, Rolls Royce and Mercedes look awesome and the stamp of royalty only adds to the elegance. I especially looked with envy at the seat cushion of sedan, where Jacqueline Kennedy had sat on her visit to the city ages back.

We also took a day trip to Chittaurgarh fort on outskirts of Udaipur. The place is replete with history dating back to 12th century but it has lost a bit of sheen due to lack of maintenance and hands of time. However the palace of Rani Padmini still looks amazing and the spot where she self-immolated herself to escape evil clutches of Khilji, still has that aura. Seems during those days men prided themselves on valor while women had their izzat to defend.

A drawback of the city is the exorbitant rates charged to tourists; moreso the foreigners. If you do not know the local dialect and are unaware of the local areas, then you are in for a major ride. I must have lost atleast 500 bucks extra on auto rickshaws, with a single 5 minute ride alone costing 100 just because the auto was boarded from outside Trident (where we had coffee last evening, coz nothing else suited our pockets there).

Another downside of the trip was the hotel we stayed in. It was disgusting to stay in a so-called three star hotel, where flush does not work, bathroom door does not close, AC is off during power cuts, cockroaches have built another empire with their own palaces and forts and morning breakfast is banana with tea! Must say how smartly the holiday vendors can fool

My next outstation trip planned is for Jammu in November, though I do have holidays coming end of this month. But I am actually happy with Udaipur, a long pending vacation gone well and enjoyable


  1. I told you it was a great place...glad you enjoyed it..!! I asked to click some pics...did you ??

  2. glad you had fun!
    udaipur is heaven on earth! =)

    jammu sounds chilled! ;)

  3. lovely lovely lovely!
    ah you are so lucky!
    my plans havent been materialized yet it is still a piece in my mind and i need to put it to action.

    i envy you!
    too much too tell :|

  4. i stayed at the lake palace when i had gone IT WAS AMAZING !!! i was not in love at that time but looking at the water from the balcony made me want to be madly in love.. it was so romantic

    lake palace is awesome... have to get married there or 1st anniversary or somethimg!!!

  5. Seems like u had a great time. Honestly speaking, Udaipur does not excite me all that much. Now Jammu is the kind of place I would wanna be in. :)

    And what??? banana and tea??? you gotta be kidding me !!

  6. Had a great time huh? Lucky man! :)

  7. been to udaipur..nice place..I especially liked the lake..I think fatehpur sagar don't rememeber the name..which has some monument in between.

  8. maybe I will visit there this winter, lets see.

  9. you surely ound refreshed after the trip. I am happy you had a good time. Sorry anbout the toilet though!!

  10. enjoyed reading this post.. you have desrcibed everything so well.. i am tempted to go there asap..


  11. I have nvr seen udaipur but wud love to see it now
    take care