Friday, June 5, 2009

Why get married?

Few days back I received a marriage proposal. I was so stunned when I first heard that I thought it to be a joke, but later realized it was serious stuff. Come on, I know I will be 28 soon but marriage? Is someone nuts to propose me getting married? A family friend’s niece based in Bangalore is looking for a suitable match, which they ingeniously think can be me. I checked her profile on Orkut & must admit the chick does look decent. But why in the world would someone want to get married to me? Or rather why do people get married?

I have nothing against marriage & if one is serious somewhere, then please go ahead. But I can’t fathom for my life why marriage is a necessary pre-qualification for leading a decent life? I have witnessed many marriages lead to agony & thought those guys were better off being single. Perhaps they got married for the wrong reasons, which makes me all the more scared. If I get married few perceptible changes for me will be:

1. Will have someone to share stuff with & maybe have a mutual thing going
2. Adds some excitement as can then look forward to few interests in life
3. May act as a calming influence, but then this can be like asking for too much
4. Will get to have sex regularly

But marriage will also lead to unwanted complications

1. I don’t get along with my own guys, why drag someone into this? Do not want unnecessary curses any more
2. I am a bit of loner, but being alone & lonely are different. I enjoy my quiet existence in my own way
3. I am yet to live away from home, perhaps only then can think of this serious association
4. Do not have much interesting stuff to do, though enjoy drinking these days

Considering all these pros & cons, makes me wonder why & if at all I should think of tying the dreaded knot. If its only for a fuck, then can go for paid variety, plenty available in Delhi. Come on I am reasonably OK with my life (read my last post), which brings me to the tricky, intricate, complicated, tough-to-answer question:

Why get married?


  1. I agree!! There is no conceivable reason to get married :D

  2. i have...and wait for this my dear chap...thought and found the answer

    Lets take X (gender irrespective)...leading a life...then they realize that there is a possibility of adding value to life...for find it unnerving to go to a restaurant dont want to not go...but at the same time its not fun enough going alone...there comes person for a good amount of time this Y is your friend...but then they get busy in their own lives...and you realize...that you need a Y who works well with you (knows you in and out) and is fun to be with

    when you find get married to them...its not a may jst remain friends...have a live in...but the general concept be you both realize...

    ...together life is more fun...than it was alone

    (if you find this piece of wordly dribble was worth anything...feel free to buy me a beer :P )

  3. You know u're sooo right....!! Marriage is sooooo not worth it..!! ;)

  4. there is no right marriage or right person, it just is the right time and then everything seems RIGHT!

  5. aah yes...u present very reasonable arguments mr pesto (lol)....and being in delhi..ur arguments are indeed very STRONG. :)

    On the other hand...if its the RIGHT person..thena ll of this wont count bro :)


  6. For me marriage is about love... but yes you may say "marriage is just a bit of paper, why do you need that to show that you love someone?" but it strengthens the bond you have with that person in my opinion. It also means that you will be more secure emotionally and financially and you can then begin to think about children. Of course you can have children before but the childs life wont be as secure because if anything goes wrong, that childs life could be thrown into chaos, but if you are married and anything goes wrong, a custody battle will work more in the childs favour (usually). Thats just my opinion. But anyway, I love the idea of getting married :D But each to their own!

  7. These days I am going through the same question - to marry or not to marry.. Being single my opinion on marriage would perhaps lack the necessary authenticity, but having known a few people who are blissfully married and then others who are miserable, I think marriage can be an amazing blessing if it is with the right person. Both people can gain a lot from a perfectly harmonious relationship. However, there is a lot to lose if it isn't with the right one.

    I plan to cherish my single life while I have it and if I am fortunate enough to meet "Mr. Perfect for me", I know I will treasure that life to the fullest as well.

  8. and i am waiting for him to propose!@ he keeps bringing up the age. if its not the right time now, i am not sure if it will be the right time even when he's 28. so its never the right time or the wrong time, its just the way you think and your hang up about not wanting to share the space and always have someone around, someone who WILL nag you for sure, someone who WILL expect you to be back home on time, someone who WILL question, question and question, someone you will have to pamper. you want the sex at the end of a tiring long day after all!

    a guy either 25 or 28 or 30..or whatever will never be as thrilled as a woman at the thought of sharing his space


  9. @Dips...untrue my dear friend...u see guys and i'm afraid for us...are by our nature of being truly dumb...hence u got to actually point out a rosy picture for the future...and that is when u shall see...they doing the question thing

    v r very simple creatures :P

  10. Ohh !!! is that so! how do i paint a rosy picture darling... food, sex, a life full of fun and love . oooh.

  11. :P...i think u got it jst right :P

    but really no...i guess its abt seeing how ure chap sees himself 5 yrs down...and where r u in tht it the same picture u have of u

    actually ignore me...everyone does jst fine by themselves...i was jst another bored indian adding my voice :P

  12. exactly dude. well said. marriage isn't a formula that works for everyone. it is true that no man is an island. we need companions but it need not necessarily be in the form of a life partner.:))