Thursday, March 19, 2009

Between the Sheets – Meow FM

I am not a big FM fan, but a program on FM radio which I never miss is Between the Sheets, which comes every Wednesday & Thursday nights on 104.8 Meow FM, a station reserved only for women & women related issues. A first thought which comes to mind on women related issues is dowry, girl education, rights etc; however the themes in this program usually is stuff like sexual fantasy, first kiss, dirty confessions, incest relationships, bi-sexuality etc.

Last night the topic was how do you communicate to your partner that you are in the ‘mood’? One caller said she merely talks of a fictitious child & how to get there & things get started. Another said her partner merely chirps “moojhe doodh peena hain” & she obliges. One even said she sends an SMS conveying her desire (wonder what the message inbox will look like). The best was a caller who said she would simply tell her boyfriends that her parents are asleep & rest would simply happen!

I have been a some what regular listener of this program & though off late the topics wander off to emotional chow-chow, but many times sleazy & spicy themes are discussed, sample this :

*)On the theme sexual fantasy, one caller said she would like to go shopping with her man (here too!). Then she would try an itsy-bitsy attire in the store which would turn-on her man & they will get started in trial room itself. Another said she would like to do it while licking chocolate scoops from hairy chests

*)On AIDS day, the theme was condoms & all callers recounted their first encounter & how it actually felt. One interesting caller confessed that in her hostel they used to fill condoms with water & store in freezer. When they got hard, all girls took turns to play with it.

*)On bi-sexuality theme, one caller said she had discovered her bi-curiosity during her college days & was now comfortable with her preferences. When questioned if she was married she replied in the affirmative & boasted of an encouraging husband, so much so that they now hire prostitutes for threesomes.

*) On adult entertainment topic, one middle aged caller remembered her youth when she had been to topless bars in US & had got hooked on to it. Now after returning to India, she is missing the action, though she retains a few CDs but has to ensure it remains hidden from her curious kids. Another caller enjoyed watching porn with a crowd of couples around & the critical review & comments that would follow.

*)On age-difference relationships, one young caller mentioned she started sleeping with a retired officer 10 years ago, which has continued even after marriage & a kid (wonder who’s this one is). Another caller confessed to falling for her daughter’s friend & the adventures they enjoyed together.

I wonder how the program has not come in limelight much, though it has been labeled as soft porn by many. Also the sleazy topics are very cautiously mixed with general ones, guarding against moral policing & censorship. The program is now on in couple of other metros too after Delhi, better catch on the fun.


  1. Aha!!! this looks like a bold n a very different program...

    If it comes to Mumbai then may be I wud listen to it :-)

  2. Woww.. talk about interesting stuff....!!!!


  3. Ah quite interesting.. though it does seem sleazy a bit am sure many of us like to listen and be glad that they r not weird:D

  4. aaaaahh! this programme will never come on air where i live.. d listeners r all bloody hypocrites.

  5. well, the sleazy topics make it more interesting..think it wud never be on air in my city!

  6. Is "Between The Sheets" program available over net to download. My opinion is, it is not all the time sleazy.