Tuesday, March 17, 2009

End of the Road?

When I thought of writing this posting the initial heading I had in mind was “New Calling” & not “End of the Road” as you see above. But that is how things have turned out for me in my workplace, perhaps this is beginning of the end, if not the end actually. It was no secret that things were not well in my organization, which is not unusual for corporate these days in the current crazy economy, but the wielding of axe seems imminent now.

Well we had a department meeting last week, where the grim reality was made clear to all & the inability to save more jobs deliberated. What is happening here is a complete bloodbath, with the organization size coming down to 500 in May from the initial 1200 in December! Few lucky of us will be given options to change, if they are available & if the options are not taken, the organization will be left with no options. Since this meeting I have literally lost my sleep & have been living in a daze. Initially I had planned to watch Dilli 6 over the weekend & also attend a full-day event in Delhi on Sunday, but now find it difficult to hold on to my senses.

All job consultants & head hunters that I knew are themselves out of work these days & their own future & existence seems to be in doubt. Many of them have in return asked me for any available assignments!

I have been given an option of going to Mumbai, but it looks unfeasible from all angles. First my organization does not have any office in Mumbai, only a couple of employees work in offices of different agencies. Second I will be working under an angrez, about whom I have heard horror stories from everywhere. Third being in Mumbai will not provide immunity from the on-going retrenchment; just delay the inevitable by some time. Fourth my knowledge of the city is nil & the job involves travelling from Andheri to Church gate every second day. Add to this my meager income to survive all alone in the country’s most expensive city & you have a perfect mix of doom & disaster.

Now that I have an option of choosing between devil & the deep sea, my life seems to have entered a fox hole. Don’t know why but have been feeling very fucking grubby since past few days


  1. Direct locals-slow and fast-starts from Andheri and last stop is at Churchgate. Now you can focus on the cost of living and dictator boss. Am sure tough times call for tough adjustments..so maybe play out the bad times in not so great role and then look for a change?

  2. Hope things look up for u soon ..:-)

  3. Cheer up girl, if things are so bad now, then in future they will only improve :)

  4. Ah cost of living in mumbai is not so bad.. you can scale it down easily!