Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Love thy neighbor goes an old saying, which I seem to have imbibed recently as I seem to have developed something similar for a neighbor. Now don’t get me wrong, this person is not my home neighbor, but a distant neighbor from my workstation. In my office we are seated in an open bay with separations dividing workstation enclosures & on the enclosure on the other side of my workstation are seated a group of three females, each different from the other two. One of the females, I don’t know why, always reminds me of a lollypop. She is a Bong, married to a Punju, aged around 35 & has a chewy appearance. Like a lollypop, her body also has round top supported by narrow bottom, but going by her age looks full & matured. I have never interacted with lollypop, but have over heard her rumblings & rant from the other side of separation. We have made eye-contacts many times, but since have never been introduced (& our work domains are totally unrelated) there has never been any communication.

Lollypop looks bold & confident & has an intoxicating charm that you would associate with single malt on a smoky night. She has a sex appeal that you would associate with Manisha Koirala or Nandita Das, more of substance though never running short on style. After office hours I once visited lollypop’s workstation after she had left, pretending to be looking for the morning newspaper. I noticed photographs of her children & saibaba , which I don’t know why, left me kind of amused.

Perhaps whats attractive about lollypop is her maturity (not referring to her body here, though the upper parts do seem matured) & the way she looks juicy & spongy even at her age. She dresses as a 20ish girl would, with burning red lipstick, jeans & tank tops & has an inviting skin texture, something like a butterscotch scoop. Add her alluring disposition & you get a right wife material. I never thought of marriage as any thing actually worthwhile, but now seems not that bad if I get to suck lollypop!!


  1. lol... sounds like eyecandy :P

    have a god evening mate... cheers...