Friday, March 6, 2009

Latke jhatke; naye purane

For past few days I have been catching on net a few old music videos which do not appear any longer on TV, unless the cable guy has an old CD running. A few songs which were sizzling many years back have kind of disappeared now & only found in archives. There was a time, when cable TV had just made a foray in India, Hindi songs depicting sleaze or with suggestive lyrics were scoffed at & disapproved. Now with skin show & item numbers order of the day, choli ke peeche no longer rings that bell & sexy, sexy is only complimenting good looks

I have tried to list below some of the raunchiest, titillating & sleazy Hindi videos made, or atleast that I have seen & can recall:

Maang meri bharo – Mamta Kulkarni made everybody jump while she was enticing Akshay in this slow number, all the time inviting him chalo pyar mujhe karo. It could not have got more explicit with ang se ang laga ke, prem sudha barsa ke, dasi teri, pyasi rahi, kitne janam se…

Mujhko ranaji – Mamta was at it again, this time with her jigs in front of a bunch of villains in Karan Arjun. The song reeks of cheap expressions with Mamta’s suggestive dance moves

Lele – a music video made by a group called Hunterz shot on a beach side, in which group of girls in bikinis slam their butts before shaking them, all the time with smiles on their faces

Sarkailo khatiya – anybody now 30 or older will not forget this one easily. Karisma & Govinda’s raunchy number & suggestive dance moves had literally left everybody stunned. For many old timers it was difficult to comprehend what Raj Kapoor’s grand daughter was up to

Mungda – a remix version in which Kashmira Shah looks ravishing hot. Kashmira is dressed in a black fisherwoman costume & gyrates to the tunes vivaciously. Somebody told me few days back Kashmira is now into prostitution, don’t know if its true

Rangeela re – the remix by Deepal Shaw. Deepal is dressed as a school girl & brings the pangs of teenage girls & their quest for freedom & boys to the fore. The number is naughty, atleast I find it to be, depicting the life of spoilt young girls

Dheere dheere nazar – an old song, don’t know if many will remember this one. Madhu dancing in a beer bar in Pehchaan with Sunil Shetty looking on unamused. Madhu indeed looks desirable here.

These were some of my blasts from the past. As per the latest news, Dev D ( I am yet to see this film, waiting for DVD) is the most explicit thing ever on Hindi screen & perhaps can put all of above to shame.


  1. ahh.... not much familiar with those ones... my hindi episodes ended with DD :)

    take care and have a nice evening mate... cheers...

  2. wow..this reminds me of the golden memories of old years..would be great if we can find if these videos are uploaded in youtube! should check sometime :)

  3. ha ha .. blast from the past .. i remember sarkailo and bharo !! .. i think bharo with mamta would take the cake !!

    Prads.. OMG , u sleaze-king !!

  4. LOL!

    I had forgotten all about these songs :D