Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things to do before I die

Couple of days back came the news of death of Jade Goody in far away UK. Sadly Jade had made a spectacle of her imminent death, ever since her cancer was rendered beyond cure. A celebrity who had got so used to hogging & basking in media limelight, could not stay away from it even in her last days & even wanted her departing moments to be captured on film, so that it remains a sought after search on You Tube for ages. However Jade’s young death & the long media trail covering it made me wonder, what if I am given a few days to live? After all Jade was my age only & died after a protracted ailment & not any sudden accident. If it is certain my days are limited, what are the few things I would like to do before the curtain falls? After some long & deep thinking moments, I drew a long list but the top five things in my to-do list reads as follows:

1) Give a press conference – in today’s age of breaking news & even trivial issues grabbing headlines, I too want a share of the coveted media glare. It must be something addressing press folks with your each movement being captured & further packaged for mass consumption. Guess a few arrogant media bytes wouldn’t do any harm

2) Attend award ceremonies – I have always wanted to attend Filmfare awards. Off late more awards have sprung up, but Filmfare remains the coveted Holy Grail for all stars. True the award ceremony is not what it used to be, but still retains some of its charm. Other ceremonies I would like to attend……maybe the cabinet swearing-in, diplomatic reception at Hyderabad House or the ET Business Awards

3) Go on a star cruise – every year Vijay Mallya packs his private jet with his favorite bunch of models & takes off to Atlantic to cruise with Brazilian footballers, Hollywood stars & Italian mafia. How about being a part of this?

4) Live in a bungalow in Lutyen’s Delhi – while passing through Central Delhi I have always wondered how life would be inside the Lutyen Bungalow Zone, with each estate sizing upto more than an acre, that too in heart of Delhi! Many times the spacious exterior lawns are used for hosting marriage parties, fashion shows are organized in annexes & huge Iftaar parties thrown during Ramadan

5) Have sex with bollywood actress – I am yet to get laid in my present life, so would love to initiate with an actress. Its no secret that many of them do it for a cost, which will perhaps consume most of my savings, but can surely give it a shot if only few days are left. I met a guy once who had offered services of Shweta Tiwari, Preeti Jhangiani or Meghna Naidu for a whopping 8 lakhs…..difficult choice but guess I will settle for either Shweta or Preeti

Now that’s my wish list of things I want-to-do in my hypothetical limited days. Since many of them seem far & distant, better get back to rigmarole of everyday grind now


  1. attend filmfare awards???? :o

  2. i hope v becme friends and u invite me for dt cruise!