Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do you have balls?

When asked this first time, didn’t know what it actually meant or rather connoted. Only later did I realize they stood for mere do anmol ratan. But I still cannot fathom as to why my two lovely spheres have been used as synonyms for guts, courage or dare. Or rather is it only males who are asked for their balls, females are excused or only meant to play with others’ balls.

Number of times in my life I have been asked this million dollar question, each time I have come second to the challenge but actually managed to save my cuties from getting crushed. First it was in school, where there was this chick who was actually hot with no inhibitions & very much open to adventures of all kinds & naturally whom everyone eyed; only the one man enough or with balls could get her. Many times my seniors brought her to hostel & left later leaving behind stained bed sheets. Once in a school event she came down to juniors for new tastes & ventures with a lifted skirt & the slogan jiski gaand main dam hain andar ghoosa ke bataa. Thankfully I never ventured for her & saved my prized assets

One incident which actually stands out in my memory when my balls were actually challenged would have been when I was fresh in college & undergoing the dreaded ragging. Now this time balls literally meant my adorable twins. I was being ragged by a gang of girls & asked to suck a condom. While in the act was egged on from somewhere behind abbey tatte to choos. I was too stunned by this female poetry but never allowed to look anywhere lest the condom slips out

Recently my friend confessed to me that his close & dear female friend had asked to see his male organ. Now my friend did not know how to douse the curiosity of his dear accomplice & risk showing a non-erect thing, when all girls fed on porn imagine only hard & strong rods, & may smirk at his decent possession. Upon seeing his reluctance the girl thought he did not have balls. Now c’mon she never asked to see the balls, it’s only an accessory to the main thing that she wanted to view. Why blame the poor, innocent balls

So next time I am up something, please spare my blameless balls. Also if anyone is curious to know if I have balls, sure I do, not one but two


  1. omg!
    gross...n i think u shud put up a disclaimer... "for mens eyes only" ...
    But...nevertheless...HILARIOUS!!! I especially loved the first para...ROTFL!
    Will make my bf read this, maybe even comment....!!!

  2. lol!! :P

    *shakes her head..and tried to hide a smile..*

  3. Now that was an honestly gross confession!!!

  4. Lmao!! Your satire was quite caustic really!!

  5. I remember asking my ex the same question .. but then he was more than eager to show it to me

  6. LOL! What!!!!!

    Gawd that was gross, but super duper funny at the same time!

    God protect your balls from.. well.. everything! :P

  7. here here bro..!! u do have balls!...but dude u missed out on the hottie in school!! geez...!!

  8. Number of times in my life I have been asked this million dollar question

    LMAO =)) =))
    Oh jeez.. a good one there!


    Random blog hopping led me here.

  9. it needs balls to talk about balls & clearly you have them

    he he he funny