Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ennui eternal

Off late life seems to have entered into a rut. The same mundane schedule I follow day in day out seems as if all excitement has receded with the recession. I mean it’s the same stupid fucking things I do everyday, it seems this mechanized existence will continue for eternity. Get up early in morning; ward off remaining sleep as I am not entitled to my share of languor; brush, shave, bathe, dress up; drive through pothole-filled roads; dreary time pass in office till evening; off to gym; yoga & newspaper in evening; dinner followed by WWW surfing, catch some titillating stuff, if available; doze off . But life was not like this always…

Life in school : getting up was always a pain, and that too when had to dress up in school uniform, drink milk & dash off to be on time, though shaving initially was a show-off as only a few did it. School was itself divided into periods (not the female type), and looking back the workload was enormous. Back home again tuitions & tests, as if the board exams were end of the world. Sometimes sneak off to friend’s place, a favorite adda for catching some porn which initially did seem exciting. If in hostel, then sometimes after prep & sports time, make-out sessions thrown in with dorm mates to deal with those raging puberty hormones. A select few biharis also visited the nearby brothels.

Once in school, all boys decided to bunk & catch the new release ‘Kama sutra’ at nearby hall. During interval spotted few familiar faces, discovered all girls too were catching the morning show & enjoying Vatsayana’s historic epic.

Life in college: this is how life should always be – totally bindaas. Living & enjoying present while chasing the dream deferred. DU had a catchy crowd, an amalgamation of all kinds known & unknown. Only a couple of classes & then off to favorite hangouts -canteen, basketball courts, Kamla Nagar, banta walla, sutta wala…mostly girls picked up smoking in college, unlike boys who started much earlier. If I start recounting memorable college events, perhaps will have to start a separate blog, with all laila-majnu stories, encounters, daaru, ragging, exams, strip acts thrown in.

Don’t know where life changed down the line, where all masti & mazaa disappeared


  1. Well find new avenues to have fun :)

    You reminded me of my college times :D :D

    Though I picked up smoking when I started working

  2. awwwe- life does progressively get worse as we get older, no?

  3. Sigh!!! Even I am bored with my daily routine :-(

  4. hmm...maybe not worse per se...just busy and boring.

  5. hi pesto sauce... thank you so much for liking my blog (and my face )

    please do become a follower so that i can share with you whenever i write :)

    waiting for your next post...