Friday, May 15, 2009

Female alert

Females are known to be more alert than males with a strong sixth sense present even when no action is visible. Off late I have observed that females are all the more alert to their own species & their obvious femininity, noticing any advances & intentions with sublime ease. Sample this

* If you are with a female colleague & another hot female crosses by, chances are your female friend will notice your expressions discreetly & any enticement noticed will form a part of chick lit gossip later.

* If you are hanging in smoking area with your fag, and another chick comes up from somewhere & lights up; your chatting female accomplice will lose no time in checking from her eye corners whether you are eyeing the smoking, swinging chick

*Never stare a female at wrong places, that too a female who is well endowed. She will come to know too quickly & will try to hide her twin peaks, although obviously not making it too evident.

* Many times you may not know if there is an expression of interest coming from another female, for females are known to drop hidden hints & not flirt bluntly & openly like stupid men. If you happen to miss any of those hints do not worry, your good old friend will notice them too easily & if she is really your golden-hearted pal, also tell you later on.

* In the gym I have observed girls on the adjacent treadmill pull down sweaty T-shirts to cover cleavage (& uncover when no one except myself is around!!) even on the slightest hint of turn of my neck, never matter what speed the treadmill is running

* Any time you enter a new place, let it be a lift, corridor or bar; bet my life, fairer sex will check you out much, much before than you can actually begin feasting your eyes.

I am sure both females & males reading this will relate to this & chuckle silently but for different reasons altogether


  1. lol...a fun read:)..u seem to have re read into the sixth sense of women:)

  2. That was insightful...women love checking out and talking (read minutely criticising) other women. Infact, most prefer to look at women rather than men, unless the man is a real hottie!!!

  3. lolz..nice post..very insightful :))

  4. ho ho nice one...all true except a little harsh on us for saying stupid..rather than its the guts ;-(.

  5. hahah yeah so true.. both men and women will find this relevant...

    very valid points there...
    i did chuckle reading this..:) nice blog.. :)

    thanks for visiting my blog.. do keep visiting..

  6. You're quite right, really, I think there's definitely something to be said about the female eye and all it covers.

    I'm much more scared to pass by a bunch of gaggling girls than a bunch of guys. The girls will rip you to shreds-twice over. Once with their eyes, then with their tongues. Women are too sharp for their own good.

  7. Agree with the last line :D

  8. You are rightat,at least I know if a female excites a man.And the fact is that I think there are a lot more closet lesbians around than anybody can imagine hiding their sins.