Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why did God create Mondays ?

Another Monday morning & I am getting fucked up in office. Why do Mondays have to be so dreaded & signal return of the routine, rigmarole & dreary workdays? Sigh! Wish the frolic of weekends could continue, I could catch more stuff on TV, read few more blogs, some more Bacardi, ogle more at racy snaps of Neetu Chandra or gratify my voyeuristic soul by peeping into the girls apartment square down below.

Mondays have long been the bane of my life let it be my fun-loving student days or the more serious work life. Mondays were time for tests, assignments, new projects etc during school days; only exciting part being if someone had any adventures to share. Otherwise it was always that sleepy eye yearning for a few more minutes on the bed that made its way reluctantly to the school assembly. Needless to say the rest of the day was also spent half-asleep in fond remembrance of the weekend gone by.

Fast forward to my present day life and not much has changed, if only Mondays have become more sinister. This morning I got up early, having slept at my leisure time, cursing why my stupid office has to open so early, maybe even before the hen cuckoos.

Morning shower did help to drive away some sleep, but the shave on the hard stubble was so unwelcome. Then the drive through those pot-holed roads dressed in formal attire to reach office on time, opening my system only to find weekend junk mails to be cleared, new hires coming on board to be addressed, right information to be passed on to boss before he leaves for meeting, project updates………….banal list could go on

Wish Mondays were something like this :-

*Get up at your sweet time as office will open at noon only. Maybe visit the gym to get in shape before starting work
*Alter dress code for office. Wear what you like, sometimes encourage beach ware as well.
*Share movie reviews with everyone around including actress reviews
*Have a hearty beer & a snack in the afternoon only to head for sports lounge in the evening
*Promote inter-personal relations amongst workforce. Those interested can mingle around & get to know each other better at the nearby bar
*Take care of employees’ morale & motivation, give free passes to belly dance resorts

I know much of this is utopian but can at least wish for a better start to the week. But all this bother me with one query, if everyone detests the so much, why did God create Mondays after all?


  1. sigh! :)

    monday morning blues are so aptly coined words..god! thank god i am not in the work life yet... but then having to go to college after 2 holidays is such a pain!! :(

    i sympathize :)

  2. If only wishes were horses :D

  3. LOL! I work on sundays too so I miss monday morning blues :D

  4. For me Saturdays are the WORST!! thats when the uae weekday begins...but its just like mondays back home..SUX...din raat kaam...early wake up call..and the hangover fromt he previous day..sighh...if only we had 3 weekends..then i could curse tuesday next!!