Monday, June 8, 2009

I can’t think straight – a good watch

Lesbianism has been a taboo subject for too long and has been unfortunately equated with raunchy sleaze or gratifying raging hormones at best. But one look at ‘ I can’t think straight’ makes one understand being a lesbian is as much about self discovery as finding love & happiness. I saw the film over the weekend & was initially expecting some saucy stuff or naughty adventures at best, but what I saw was a sensitive portrayal of discovering true love amidst unbridled romance.

Previous attempts at lesbian film making in our desi cinema have been more or less a sleaze fest bordering on pornography. ‘Fire’ showed lonely housewives indulging in each other for solace while ‘Girlfriend’ was anything but lesbian romance. Infact ‘Girlfriend’ set a standard for shameful ragging in some colleges where new comers were asked to enact as Amrita & Isha.

What sets the film apart is two normal people interacting, then understanding each other & then slowly a sensitive mutual appreciation develops, which progresses to romance & longing. The two main characters, well enacted by Sheetal Sheth & Lisa Ray, discover that trust, care & respect are basic human virtues not to be shrouded by gender groupings. Infact at the start of the film both have their boyfriends & also their respective family pressures to settle down in a conventional manner. When dissonance with boys & family sets in, both realize how much they are alike each other & how good companions can they be for each other.

Set in beautiful landscapes of Jordan & London, ‘I can’t think straight’ well captures fake lives of upper society devoid of warmth & belongingness in a subtle manner. The stunning Lisa Ray comes from a wealthy family but has been lonely most of her life. She has been engaged four times before & is slated for another wedding soon, but actually loathes her people & the unreal lives they stand for. The talented Sheetal Sheth, coming from a middle class background & dating Lisa’s friend, attracts her as they share a common yearning for freedom & life. Lisa & Sheetal then embark on a romantic voyage which culminates in both abandoning inhibitions & prejudices & accepting oneself & mutually admiring each other.

There is no skin show in the film with only a couple of make out scenes thrown in, which is unusual for a lesbo venture. Since this is a foreign production, some titillation could have been included but actresses have (sadly) refrained from any organ display, perhaps Lisa wanted to reserve her boob-show for another film.

A good watch, the entire film is available on net for any interested viewers


  1. Sounds interesting. I wonder why all movies with the theme of lesbianism have to have any skin-shows. Why can't it just be another love story between two people?

  2. I'm going to watch this over the weekend...

  3. maybe if this post wasn't for the 'world audience' it could have been made a wee bit more fun...oh what the heck it could have been made real fun :P

  4. geez!! if there is no titillating organ srk even!! then y watch it?? gimme "GIRLFRIEND" anyday :P


  5. i love the film title ... so simple and in your face

  6. Thanks for the review. Seems like an interesting watch, actually its high time movies came of age, I think we should take a break from dancing around trees. Great post.

  7. Sounds interesting. It's so unlikely in Bollywood to look at homosexuality seriously without making it seem funny or lewd. I have friends that are lesbians and they are no different to you and me except they are attracted to women. It's high time society accepts that.