Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Five Things I Like About My Present Life

1) I am free from much of the mental irritation which had dogged me for the past couple of years. I am more at peace with myself & with my family, though association is still not smooth. Last few years were seriously hell and with the dysfunctional, distant relations I share it actually turned from bad to worse.

2) I am not hunting for a new job now. Not that I am very happy with my organization or earning pretty well, there are no jobs anywhere to apply for. It is with great fortune that I have managed to retain my present employment, although I do not have much work for now nor see it coming in near future. But I must confess my boss is a real sweetheart

3) I am actually enjoying my single status, though I have never been into anything serious in the past. However off late I have started to crave for tasting the nature’s nectar as I am still a virgin, but guess will have to wait for sometime till I find someone willing & available. Till then make do with porn & late night shags.

4) I have been positively engaged in pursuits outside work. If earlier it was Art of Living, now it is Toastmasters which is keeping me occupied & also somewhat happy. Anyone reading this & with a passion for public speaking, please check a Toastmasters club nearby, believe me it helps

5) I do not abhor my lifestyle so much now. Not that I do anything faadu these days but come on - I work in a swanky office, have a decent job when everyone is getting laid off, gym & yoga in evening, have my own gadgets to keep me engaged, go for drinks whenever I get a chance (this is actually only sometimes, but I compensate for frequency with quantity)

Disclaimer: Initially had thought of a dislikes list but it went too long; honestly had to really think hard for the above five when came to listing likes.


  1. Good for u! a LIKES LIST is way better than the opposite :o)
    love the last line...[compensating...]
    And the gym and yoga routine, i'd like to follow it too, for weight loss...well not gym but yoga and running maybe? does it help? i hate yoga.

  2. i kinda like your like list!
    i have my yes list pending after the no no i did.

    p.s. still a virgin, always rocks!

  3. number 3 was... ahem ahem :)

  4. Ah postive list for a change! nice :D

  5. oh! this seems like a nice lil exercise for everyone to indulge in every now n then - wat they like about their present situation! Am gonna do it soon too :)