Thursday, June 11, 2009

What makes you happy?

Wonder makes one really happy? Everyone has there wish list, perhaps I too have one

1) Chat with friends over beer & kebabs. Makes one totally at ease & anticipatory of life

2) Have a blast of a party with free-flowing Bacardi, chicken & chicks skimpily clad around

3) Discover money in your old trouser pockets that one had completely forgotten

4) See your old friends on Times Now or NDTV and rue why you did not make it like them but glee that atleast people known to you are somewhere. Mera number bhi jaldi aayega

5) Find a new stimulating late-night-viewed clip on net which leaves you asking for more & with batteries fully charged

6) The charged batteries result in long-lasting ejaculations, which also leave you asking for more

7) Know that your work has been admired & appreciated, moreso when least expected

8) Boss is on leave with little or no work for the day. Anyways I am much happier to be in office, or for that matter anywhere away from home

9) While cleaning your cupboard stumble upon old snaps, find one with an old flame where you looked younger with paunch invisible

10) Receive bank statements & find a fat interest paid when least expected

Now that’s what keeps me going. But I guess what actually gives happiness is when I have peace of mind


  1. Cool list :)
    Kept nodding my head at quite a few.
    Especially the top3 and the last one :).

  2. you hit the nail on the head in the last line..peace of mind is the ultimate destination..a bit philosophical :) ..but very true!!

  3. Shopping makes me happy, and the tenth point...contradictory thing, happiness!

  4. I would have said "Do meaningful work and have my work appreciated or have it make a positive difference"

    but then I went into BigLaw and work was terrible and I had the life sucked out of me.

    So now what makes me happy? SEVERANCE!!!

  5. OMG!! I have an almost identical post on my blog!!! It goes by the name of Puruit of Happiness. :)

    Nice read. :)